Lynching Nuthairs (FNAF FAN fic Ex Dee!)

Lynching Nuthairs (FNAF FAN fic Ex Dee!)

It's just like Five Nights at Freddy's! Except not! Not at all! It's terrible!

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Chapter 1.

Oh boy here the f⚠️ck we go!

So there were these kids in this Freddy's pizza place right? No not the kids you're thinking of, I'm talking about Eddy, Ted, Bread, and SANS.

Eddy was all "Y'all n⚠️Ggas ready for the animatronics?!" And then Ted swooped his long-ass hair that was dyed black and said "I was born ready." So, they sent Bread on the stage. Bread just stood there, leading Ted to whisper to him. "Dude ask one of them for the glory hole," Ted prompted.

Bread went up to a large, yellow colored bear. The bear turned around to Bread and said, "Well what do you want for Christmas little boy?" Bread replied "I want a gloryhole," causing the bear to panic. "OH HAIL NO LITTLE BOY, GET--" and with a punch, Bread was on the floor. Ted, Eddy, and SANS went to their screaming friend immediately. "Holy sh⚠️t dude!" Said Ted, "That was f⚠️cked up!" Eddy chimed in with "That was Radley Gnarical!" SANS and Eddy carried Bread away from the stage as Ted confronted the bear.

"Hey, bro," Ted spoke, "Don't be a d⚠️ck. Apologize to my friend." The bear only scoffed and said "F⚠️ck you kiddo, eat a d⚠️ck." "Wow, this is reD⚠️CKulous," added in SASN. Ted yelled "YOU AREN'T HELPING" at SASNS before returning his attention to the bear. He cleared his throat and spoke up again. "I want you to say sorry to Bread. Look at him, he's in pain!" Bread was curled up on some other kid's pizza as he cried in agony. Of course, the other kid was crying in agony too. "Go say you're sorry!" Demanded Ted. The yellow bear sighed and said "okay fine I'll go apologize to your f⚠️cking f⚠️ggot friend."

The bear approached Bread. "Hey buddy," he said, " I'm sorry and whatever. Uh..." an awkward silence ensued between Bread and the Bear. "Okay, uh, bye!" The bear ran back to the stage.

Ted looked at the yellow bear and said "that'll do bear, that'll do." The bear opened his mouth to say something, but a purple hand grabbed his hand. A man with ridiculously purple skin shouted "HELL YE BOIIII VORE TIME!!!" He then slammed the bear's head down onto Ted, who was then stuck in the bear's mouth.

Children were screaming, crying, and running. The purple man rushed passed SASSNS who stated that "Ted must be in unBEARable pain." The manager bursted out of his office to see the terrible event. The bear was choking on Ted, who was being scratched by gears and poked by wires. Eddy and Bread ran to the bear to pull their friend out. Ted was struggling to escape, and his hand was suddenly stuck in a pair of gears. His hand was crunched as he screamed in pain. His muffled cries were heard in the throat of the bear.

Eddy pulled on Ted's legs. "WE GOTTA GET THE F⚠️CKER OUTTA THERE!" The bear was turning from yellow to blue. Suddenly, the Purple man grabbed Bread and shoved him into the mouth of a bird animatronic, causing Bread to undergo the same terrifying fate as his friend. "WHOA GOD!" screamed Eddy as he witnessed the bird choke as well. Then the Purple Bastard grabbed what seemed to be a robot of some sort. He looked at it and said "I dunno what it is but lET'S VORE IT!" SARNS was tossed against the endoskeleton as his violent and violet tormenter attempted to feed him to it. Eddy finally gave up on trying to free Ted and began kicking the Purple Bastard's shins. "STOP IT YOU F⚠️CK HOLE!"

SASS was given a concussion and was dropped. "YOU ARENT THE BOSS OF MEEEEEE" the Purple Bastard shouted. Eddy's neck was being squeezed by a violet hand. An other bear was grasped by another hand of the same hue. "VOOOOORRREEE!!!" cried out the Purple Bastard as he forced Eddy into the bear's mouth.

Last thing Eddy remembered was the pain of the gears crushing his hand and nose and the sound of sirens.
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This amuses me
on December 12, 2016
wonderful work
on November 07, 2016