Broken Barricade of Unpopular Thoughts

Broken Barricade of Unpopular Thoughts

The title is almost as pretentious as the "story" you're about to read. Before reading any further than this line, have caution. This will be about unpopular thoughts/opinions that I have. I've noticed that it's a popular trend in the media for there to be this unspoken rule that we cannot express our beliefs unless they conform to popular opinions, or what is viewed as "right." This will be a place where I can express my opinions, and you can express yours. This isn't me claiming that my opinions are "right" or are "important." I just think this might be a good thing. If you would like to express yours, you can do it in the comments or you can message me and we can discuss civilly.

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Why virginity is important to me.

        By the title, I'm assuming a few of you are cringing, are uncomfortable, or are rolling your eyes. Well, you can dislike this all you want, I still would like to share my views on this subject.
        Growing up, I went to church almost every Sunday. I went to a Southern Baptist church. It was home to me. I had friends that I saw basically every Sunday morning and Wednesday night. I would come home and read the Bible with my mom, pray, and go to bed. Religion was very important to me.
        As I've gotten older, religion still means something to me. I don't go to church, but I still do feel a connection with God.
        In the churches that I went to, and in the family I grew up in, you stayed a virgin until marriage if you wanted to go to Heaven. My mom was against that idea, mainly because it would've been wrong to preach against something that she'd done herself.
        I've always been one to romanticize things. I'd dream about my engagement, my wedding, my little babies running around. I like to think of sex as an important thing. I know that a lot of people say "it's just sex." Yes, it is just sex, but that's something I value. In my life, I have few things that I value as important. Sex is one of them.
        I never wanted to have sex with someone that I didn't love or that I didn't want to be with for the rest of my life. I want my first to be my only.
        Do I think having sex before marriage is wrong? Of course not. It's all about what you want to do with your body. You shouldn't let someone shame you into feeling bad for having sex. I just value that as something important TO ME to wait until marriage. I'm also not saying that people who have sex before marriage don't value it as important.
        I'm simply saying that I want to wait.

        And another thing; some people are completely turned off by that idea. I had a guy who I was friends with, and he was talking about sex. I told him that 1. I'm 14 and don't plan on doing it this young (though I'm not shaming or looking down on anyone who has) and 2. I made a promise to myself, to God, and my future husband (he doesn't know that I made this promise, I just like to think that I made it) that I would wait. I wear my purity ring everyday as a reminder.
        He was a little turned off by that idea. And if that's what he, a 15 year old, wants, then that's okay, too. That's just not what I want.
        Okay, I suppose that's it. Feel free to leave your views on this subject, or any "unpopular" opinion (or just any of your opinions), in the comments.
        May the grace of Castiel and the hotness of Dean be with you.
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There is another title for something like this...though the similar thing to this would be a "Vent page"...and these opinions may differ vastly in most areas than my own, it is still good to see that unpopular opinions are said, but not rebuffed. I have not gone to church since...I was around 6 or 7...which maybe why I believe in a different religion than See More▼
on October 06, 2016