Character BackStories

Character BackStories

These are where you ask for the backstories and they're given to you, comment below which backstory you wanna hear, go to Avengers Oc story if you want a certain character and you don't remember there names.

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Syrialine Galaxy

Syrialine Galaxy

Syrialine wasn't always a villain character well as he kinda was but wasn't. Syrialine wasn't always named Syrialine she was Scaryline at one point but changed her name to Syrialine to stop all the arguments I had in real life when I was explaining the character, she first starred in Creepypasta as the twin sister of Syrianna Hunt they don't look alike (Look at my Avengers oc stories). Syrialine also didn't always target the people that hurts ladies and takes their hearts. She started out as a normal semi-sane girl, she got along with her sister Syrianna quite well, until Syrianna dated her crush (soon to be her first husband) Daniel Rider, Syrianna married the man soon later and had 3 children before she divorced him and Syrialine stepped in and married him, Daniel was an extremist and turned Syrialine dark and cold, Daniel never really loved Syrialine and to get Protectress back to Wolflandian he shot Syrialine in the heart breaking it and leaving Syrialine dead on the floor as the news fled to Syrianna. Syrialine was now it what they called Underearth or hell and made great friends with the devil, she was brought back to Wolflandian but with insane anger towards Daniel because when she was down in hell the Devil told her the truth about him and she wanted revenge.
  Plotting to kill her again Daniel and her robbed a bank but instead Syrialine went and shot her husband in the heart and ripped it out eating the heart soon after, the anger she had drove her insane where she was sent to a mental hospital and soon escaped. She found her second husband David still completely insane and used him to tell her kill what all she needed to kill as she fullfilled the devils dirty wish to try to come back to earth, she later murdered David and the devil soon walked the earth, but she was killed by Powersurge and sent back. The devil with gratitude brought Syrialine back to life and sent her back to the asylum making sure that each time she'd die she's be brought back because he owed her much for his freedom. It wasn't soon later she escaped the asylum and soon targeted to ungrateful men and started to rip out and eat their hearts if the dare hurt a woman that didnt truly deserve it that went for abusers, cheaters, and many others, which gave her the name 'Queen of Hearts'.
  She made her way to another universe and met joker when he was looking for a new Harley and fell in love with him she told him she would wear what she wanted and she would be called Queen of Hearts, Joker became abusive like he was Harley which drove her mad and she tried to kill him but got killed first in an explosion. She was brought back and went under the radar so Joker couldn't find her and made good friends with Harley Quinn plotting with her to kill Joker, but when the time came she fell in love with him again and got pregnant with twins, When she told Joker he was p1ssed and tried to kill her until she slapped him and screamed at him while her eyes begun to glow red which scared him and made him accept the fact he was gonna have kids, but doubting herself the day she had the twins she called Batman and told him what was going to happen, he didn't believe her and threatened to take away her kids and send them to Adoption, trying to catch his attention again she went with joker and staged a bank robbery making joker think it was real. She caught the bats attention and he took her back to his Batcave and threatened her again, where Robin now had her children and she began to cry and share her story. He looked at her and offered her protection and she took it as a ticket away from Joker once and for all, later she began to fall for batman, before she was arrested and forced to join the Suicide Squad.
  She later escaped the Suicide Squad and went back to Batman and he asked her out on one date, and they went but both fell in love, until finally and got pregnant and Bruce finally decided it was time to propose to her.

Jokers kids were adopted by Bruce Wayne and named Penny and Jason, Penny was named after Alfred, and Jason was named after Jason Todd (the second Robin in the Batman series after the first robin quit and formed the Teen Titans before they spit up and he became Nightwing)
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