Dream: Flower

A young man and his sister are separated sending them on a journey To find one another in a world of Bloodthirsty monsters and people with less than noble intentions.

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Chapter 1.

Brother/ Chapter One- First Friend

I awoke in a bed of roses like something out of a fairy tale.
I appeared the injuries I've sustained earlier have been patched up.
"Where am I?" I asked as I stood up.
I started wandering down the only trail set in front of me.
"Lysa? Lysa?!" I called you with no response.
The trees appeared to be void of life.
I soon found myself in the presence of a young woman digging through a patch of flowers.
"Excuse me..." I said politely as I stepped forward.
"Huh? You're awake!" She said as she turned around.
She quickly ran up to me excitedly with an instrument like device in hand.
"Are you still hurting anywhere? Your head? You're stomach? Someplace you can't tell me?!"
"Why are you smiling like that?" I said hesitantly.
"Don't worry I've got just the thing to make you feel better!" She aimed her instrument at me like a gun.
"Wait! What are you doing?! I'm fine!" I said even though my injuries felt as if I was on fire.
"This will only hurt for a second, though the pain may linger" she said with a devious smile blowing into the instrument sending a gigantic needle into my chest causing me to fall unconscious though she didn't lie I didn't feel any pain while I was out.

I awoke once again in a bed of flowers over me was the same girl.
"You felling alright?" She asked with a guilty expression.
I immediately put my arm in front of me defensively as I quickly backed away.
"I'm fine! I'm okay!"
"You didn't feel the explosion?"
"The what?"
She went silent before apologising "I'm sorry, I thought it would work for sure this time"
"What exactly was supposed to happen?" I wondered
"I'll perfect it next time!" She smiled
"Next time? Wait! I'm searching for my sister Lysa have you seen her?" I asked pulling out a picture from my pocket.
"I'm sorry I didn't see anyone else come through here but there's a town up ahead maybe someone seen her, follow me!"
Something tells me she foresaw this outcome.
I followed her to the nearby town in search for my sister.
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