Jason had travel too many worlds and made many enemies, little did he expect any on them too track him down beck too Dynasty...or Kidnap his friend. (Pretty Short Story Like 1 Page)

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Chapter 1 of 1

Rose had awoken in a dark room within a cell.
she could sense another presence in the room, A demon.
"Who are you?" She asked grabbing onto the bars but a powerful force had knocked her back.
"You don't need to know just stay  quiet until he comes" The figure in the shadow said.
"Who Cyruss?" She asked
He turned away from her and a holographic computer screen risen up from his hand.
"he'll be here soon and when he does, I'll finally take him out"

"Not likely..." A voice echoes thru the room, but there was no once in sight.
The Demon man had pulled out his sword as he scanned the room.

"I thought you'd have learned...and i really wanted to let you live" Jason's voice continues too echo menacingly.
"Show you're self!" He shouts
"But can't you see I'm standing right here" Jason grins as he appears by Rose's Cage.
"Rose...Do me a favor... close your eyes. I don't want you too see this...and Cyruss would kill me if I let you" he whispered with a Gentle tone.
Rose had turned away from the two.

"Right, now where were we?" Jason asked with his hands in his pockets.
The Demon glared at him angrily.
"Right I would let you live...but you made one fatal mistake"
The Angry Demon charged at him with his sword but before he got close, 2 dozen blades had pierced him from all directions.
The Demon weakly looks up too stare Jason in the eye.
"You took away something very important to me, that... is unforgivable" Jason said with a cold look in his eye as the swords exploded in a ball of fire and electricity leaving nothing but ashes.

Jason broke the seal on the cage and carried Rose into his arms.
"Let's Go home, Cyruss has been worried sick...I don't know what he did but you're energy reading has been depleted to a dangerous level, Don't worry, You just gotta get some rest let's get you home" he said with a smile before Fading away with her back too their own world.

"Jason you've found here! Where was she?" Cyruss asked
"I found her in the woods, must have gotten lost, the amount of demons there must be rising appears she's been fighting all day I'll get her too her room" Jason calmly as he brought her into the next room
"Jason..." She said weakly after Jason placed her on the bed.
"Shh, save your energy...and promise me you'll keep what happen our little secret" He whispered putting her blanket over her.
"what did you mean, something important?"
"get some sleep...right now you're the most important thing" He said before walking out.
A week Later

"Hey Rose are you here?" Jason  said
"I'm coming!" She called out from the next room.
"Have you noticed how Close those two have gotten, ever since Rose got lost?" May asked with a mouthful of popcorn as she and Cyruss sat infront of the tv watching a movie
"Now that you mention it..." Cyruss mutters.
"Okay, see you guys later!" Rose ran passed them and running out the door.
"We'll be back later, save me some popcorn" Jason said before running out after Rose.
"where are they going?" May asked
"I don't know...I can almost guarantee that it'll have sweets." Cyruss replied
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