Not Breathing Yet Living.

Not Breathing Yet Living.

By now, it's Winter. Winter is always freezing cold, as well. Cry must...

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Cold Days.

She breathed softly, leaning against the cold tree bark. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see her own breath. She was waiting for Jate, as everyone was gone and he would be the first one home. Of course, she had to wait outside. The snow crunched over her shuffling feet, the snow sometimes falling onto her tongue, leaving a cold icy water on it.

Breathing hurt. The air was cold enough that it could hurt someone as they took a breath. With that, her chest was tight with worry. Forest was very sick, which was why some of them were gone. She could hear the crunching snow as someone approached.

"Hey, I'm back. Let's head in," Jate grunted, unlocking the front door. Cry breathed a sigh of relief as the two stepped in, closing the door behind them. Her gentle, dark purple eyes flicked across the room. Jate threw off his shoes and slid off his coat. He sat on the couch, closing his eyes in a sigh of relief.

Cry kicked off her boots, also sliding off her jacket. She sat next to him, leaning back against the couch. Jate sat two cups on the table, both being hot mint tea. Cry smiled with a soft "Thank you," as she took a sip of hers. Jate chuckled, taking a sip of his own.

"It's too cold for this shit. Nobody even knows what the hell happened to Forest." Jate sighed, shaking his head slowly. Cry nodded slowly, though both of them were deeply worried for their friend. "I'm...sure she'll survive, she's strong." Cry replied quietly, staring at her mint tea. Jate nodded in reply, worry in his gaze.

The air was warmer and the mint tea helped. She was glad to be in her familiar place of her living room. The couch was soft and the atmosphere was always welcoming. The mint tea tasted great as ever, as they had used fresh mint leaves. The soft sound of breath was nice, much more welcoming then the angry wind screaming and pushing at them.

Inside was cozier. Even cozier since Jate, being the nice person he was, had wrapped Cry up in a blanket. She yawned quietly, moving closer to his warm body. They rarely admitted something and they didn't plan to. She closed eyes slowly, sucking in a deep breath. She felt a hand run down her back, making her more tired then she already was.

Jate looked at his friend with affection, rubbing her back as she drifted to sleep. Her soft breath was gentle and soft, a calming noise and a reminder that she was, in fact, alive. Jate breathed a sigh of relief as she finally fell asleep, her head rested upon his shoulder. He nuzzled her head, closing his light blue eyes. He listened to her quiet, calming breathing.

He slowly closed his eyes, drifting to sleep second by second. His hand laid upon her, though it wasn't moving. He, ever so slowly, drifted to sleep.
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