poetry and stuff

poetry and stuff

this is my collection of poetry that i've written. it's emotional and there's definitely just a big tw. ~ self-deprecation, angst, depression, raw thoughts, venting, more angst ~

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Chapter 1.

you aren't worth it ft. angst, depression, etc.

you wake up in the morning

you are happy and then

you remember

you are fat and

you are ugly

you are not allowed to be happy

you drag yourself out of bed

you stand up and

you look down at your feet

your legs need to be shaved

"you're such a slob!"

"you're so gross!!"

you hear the other girls yell as

you poke and prod at your stomach

"go to the gym, you fatty!!"

"lose some goddamn weight!"

you sigh as you take off your pajamas and

you put on your clothes

you look in the mirror

your shirt is too tight around the chest

you hate it

your pants don't make your legs good

you hate that, too

you hate yourself but

you keep the outfit on anyway

you put on a sweatshirt

you unplug your cell phone and

you read the comments on your last post

"you suck!"

"you're not even that pretty!"

"your makeup sucks!"

you want to cry but

you know they're right

you go downstairs and

you skip breakfast

you put on your converses so

you can be cool

you go to school

you ride the school bus and

you sit with your pretty friend and

you are jealous of her because

you want to be pretty so

you can be loved

you look out the window and

you hold back tears

you go to class and

you sit in the back because

you know that nobody knows

you exist

you put in your earbuds because

you know the teacher won't care

you shut your eyes and

you fall into a trance where

you are worth it

you fall asleep next

you wake up to a boy poking your cheek

you aren't worth it

you never will be

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