Plot Twist

Plot Twist

These are a bunch of stories with plot twists that I'm gonna write (if you want more stories and I don't make more pm or post on this or my wall ok)

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Laura Woods: Secret Case

In a world where people perceive me to be average, I really wish they would see for who I am, which is Laura Woods the best female detective there is. On an average scale from one to ten I’d probably make a runner up close to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson of course I can’t top Luna Laufeyson because she’s probably the best Sherlock there is next to the actual Sherlock but I’m probably a close third place[a], now you may be wondering why or how this all started, or why I would say such things like this it’s because I am on the hardest case to crack it’s been here since the 1990s and well it’s 2016 and I must solve this case.
There were three people in the park on a Saturday afternoon enjoying a hot coco in the middle of winter, one of them mysteriously disappeared after the other one left to get another hot coco. My job is to interview the possible suspects which are Idida Crime, Notta Suspect, and Hetalia Jack. They are the possible suspects for the case because of three reasons 1. They were there on the scene of the crime, 2. They have motive, and 3. I haven’t come up with three but I’m getting there.
I walked over to all the boxes and found that particular one when I was looking through old unsolved cases and of course you must know that I came across it. Thought it was interesting on how a 13 year old girl could go missing and never seen again, I looked at the picture multiple times and saw the same familiar face, just never knew where I saw it from. Walking down to my office with a box I stumbled upon and old antique I found in the box while searching it, “Might have fingerprints.” I thought to myself and went down to the Forensic Labs where they did some testing. What do you know a fingerprint and hints of old dried up blood, one belonged to the 13 year old girl the fingerprint belonged to Idida Crime. Now all we need to do is get her in for interrogating.
Hours later after the interrogation we got nothing no alibi since it happened so long ago, and no clues besides the fingerprint and the blood which is probably from an old bloody nose like some people like me get. Looking at all the evidence they had in the box that went through forensics made me wonder “What if it was someone we would have never expected?” That’s when it hit me, there was another person in that park that day Justin Time. I called him up to the police room and saw him wearing the same clothes he did the same day the girl went missing. “So I assuming your wondering why I brought you in here.” His face was full of sweat and tears.
“Yes, actually I was.” I walked around the room slowly,
“I found the culprit.” I said bluffing,
“Y-you did?” He asked
“In matter of fact I did,” Just in time, see what I did there but getting back to the case, just in time my stage friend came in and acted like she was the culprit. “Since you were there in the park I want you to look at the person and tell me if she did it.” I brought in my friend who looked exactly like Idida Crime and sat her at the table.
“Um, no she’s not the one.” His face had more sweat than anyone that came into this room,
“I suppose you could tell me who it actually was.” He looked down scared
“I-it w-was m-me.” He said
“I KNEW IT!” I said laughing “I knew you did it, why because it all added up all the possible suspects you named were all there you wanted someone else to blame but when you went for that hot coco you didn’t just get hot coco you grabbed the girl and locked her in the car and hid her WHERE IS SHE!” I asked him
“Right in front of me.” I looked at the photo and looked back at myself and saw the same face, I knew i recognized it but I never knew it could have been me,
“I don’t remember any of this.” I said
“Because it wasn’t a 13 year old girl regular girl it was a 13 year old suffering amnesia.” He said laughing.
“Oh my,” the entire room went black
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