The story of Derp

The story of Derp

Not his full life, only parts of it and his problemed childhood. Uh ud.

published on June 06, 201824 reads 7 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.

Youth hood

Derp was born like a normal person. Not much happened as a baby. He was normal then.
When he was 4 he found these glasses at a party and put them on. This triggered Evil Derp to come out for the first time. He was scaring people with how evil he had become.  But when they took the glasses of him,  he fell backwards into the door frame and this brought Smart Derp out. It was fine till they realize it was all caught on camera. Then posted online. This was before they new Derp had multiply personality disorder. This got everyone involved. Then someone reported it to the government as bad parenting.

The government came and took Derp away from his family for testing. He hasn't seen them since. He had research done on all the personalities then discover he was super dumb. Derp tried to escape many times but he could never get the right things to escape.
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Comments (3)

on January 04
I feel bad for derp
Derp learned to live with it
on June 06, 2018
on June 06, 2018