The Glitching Story ( Remake ) ( Read Description )

The Glitching Story ( Remake ) ( Read Description )

It's been forever since I seen my friends from the galaxy I was held . But now I'm in your galaxy called the Milky way . Grammar will be fixed when the story done Story idea by : My 10 year old sis Art and typed by : Me

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Chapter 1.
Easy Come Hard go

Easy Come Hard go

My name Speedy . No I'm not a ' human ' like you think I am . I'm a alien species called Glitchers.My enemies or Glitchers enemies are called Shadowers. There Queen is my sister Shadowing . She was born a Shadower unlike me ... I was born a Glitcher . Our King is King Dagger . Let me tell you my story on how I got to earth

" SHE JUST A MISTAKE GLITCH " My father shouted
" Yes I agree . We should leave in the morning ... Leave her behind " My mother spoke agreeing
From now on I was living on the streets . I lived on streets from age 5 to age 12 . When I was able to train to be a warrior or Knight.I ran to the camp.
"Welcome would you like to join Warrior Camp? " Someone Asked they had Gray and blue hair,a gray suit with red knight amour. He looked kind
"Yes I would like too." I replied with happiness.
"What is your name? " He questioned.
" Speedy!" I answered.
" Very well then. " He replied writing down my name I bet " come in."
I walked in. I gulped seeing boys and two girls in gray leather jackets,red or green shirts,and tor up jeans.I never thought I'd be scared ever but I was different. White hair with three red striped,red eyes,a gray shirt,blue jeans,and white tennis shoes.
I was different by a long shot. A girl walked up to me.She was different as well.She had Blue hair with four Green stripes,grayish eyes,red shirt,pink shorts,and green shoes. A mismatch glitcher . Very rare.
" Hello there I'm Glitch and you are? " She said sounding very kind like she looked.
"S-S-Sp-Speedy " I replied scared she would judge my name . But to my surprise she liked.
She showed me to my dorm we were sharing . Her room green walls,blue carpets,her bed had the most famous Glitcher Knight out there Deadwing . Sad he died by trying to save the Parents of King Dagger . He was the cover blanket,her sheets were red,and her pillows rainbow colored.She then showed my room red walls,blood red carpets,my bed was twin sized with Blue sheets,white cover blanket,and teal colored pillows . I guess this won't be so bad after all . It was night time so I went to bed.
The next day I woke up to the smell of Waffles and Bacon.I got up and walked to the kitchen of Glitch and my dorm.
" Waffles and Bacon " I spoke sniffing the air
" Ya guessed it " She replied with Happiness
" ARE THEY ALMOST DONE " I yelled smiling like a dork
" THEY ARE NOW " She shouted in happiness once again .
She got out two plates out and put two waffles and some bacon on the red plate . As I walked over to the white painted table she went over to the table and set down the plate and went back to the Blue plate and did the same thing . She put the blue plate down on the other side . Then she went to get syrup and butter. She also got out Two forks one for me and one for her,Also a butter knife . she came over and handed me a fork then she put the other stuff down .
I grabbed the butter and butter knife . I got some butter on the knife then I spread it on my waffles and then pasted it down to Glitch . I then got the syrup and pour some on my waffles . Then I passed it down to Glitch again . I ate my breakfast fast .
" I got to go at 9:20 " Glitch said
" I leave at 5:40 " I spoke
" WE GOT ONE HOUR AND FORTY MINUTES " She shouted in glee
I got up and took my plate and fork and went to the sink . I washed the two and then went to my room . That was now furnished ( Holy f*ck this chapter long so I doing two part for this XD )
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