Chapter 1 of the unwanted story. About a group of teenagers who are on their own. Characters- Daisy, Beth, Hannah, Liam, Kai, gamon, James,

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Chapter 1.

Sunken- day 1

'Hannah' I softly said trying to wake her up. 'Go back to sleep Beth' she said quietly but with a loud meaning. I sniffed the air one last time to be certain that it wasn't the normal fumes the boat made. 'Hannah! Something dosent smell right. It's...'
'It's smoke' Hannah spoke as she cut me off. We both turned to daisy as she said 'we need to find the boys'.

'Boys?' the three of us whispered through the light metal door that entered their room. The door turned from fully closed to a jar as a set of tired eyes appeared in the near black shaded room. 'Beth? What are you girls doing here at this time? Kai asked as he stroked his short hair back. 'Can you smell Smoke?' Beth gasped, quietly. Kai quickly turned his upper body around facing the other three sleeping boys. 'You all need to get up, there's a fire!'

'ON TOP DECK, ON TOP DECK!' Bells started getting louder as we all ran up. There right above us in the controll room was a blazing fire already bursted through the windows. ' KIDS, KIDS! Over here!' a fermilar voice yelled. It Was dr. Kane. 'Listen to me, you seven need to hop into this life raft right now! He screeched through the sound of blazing fire. 'But doc..'
'Get in now; or you will die.' A tear came from my eye as we started getting in the wooden raft. 'Bye doc.' James, Liam and gamon all quietly whispered as we were lowered down into the unknown ocean.
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The next two chapters will be coming soon.
Btw this will be an ongoing story.
on January 08, 2016