Some of you may or may not have heard of my dark side its a vicious and cruel thing i would say more but stupid qfeast wont let me. so here you will learn what i truly am.

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Chapter 1.


Rose was growing up in Eggmans base...
wasteing away
hearing screams
taken away from her dearest mother father and even twin sister...
she was drugged
given pills
and much abuse
leading her to killing people..
her eyes turned red from everything she had been through in eggmans lab
she was given the name Diabloa which stood for Descructive.Insane,Ambitious,Blood sucking,Lab test subject,Objective,Angered soul.
File name was.
she was the most dangerous
blood tingling child/teenager in the entire base
soon enough she escaped.
everyone agreed it was too risky to try and capture her.
they feared she would return to try and kill them along with destroying the world
but as she was running faster and faster as her legs could take her someone thought she was some sort of monster they feared that she would take their lives.
so they shot her a local priest had taken the 2 down and took the bleeding 15 year old girl. he decided to take the terrible name of the legend name Diabloa down of her
renamed her Rose the sweetest name he could think of
Rose tried to kill the priest for a while Rose wasnt able to talk well she only repeated words she heard all she said was "GET WAY STUPID MA-AN!" she was talking like no one taught her how to speak
the priest frowned and told her "Its ok...no one will hurt you anymore i wont let them"
it took over 10 months for the priest to gain her trust but after therapy and rehibilatation her eyes were replaced with mid blue contacts slightly lighter then her normal eye color and after the priest saw her on the next year of finding the girl he said that she was ready to live like a person instead of a abused animal in need of help so he set her up with all he could and sent her off to a nice little town. and she had met many friends in a high school and became the rose she is today. no one knows her real name but people say she still hadnt of had a name yet. (Go to the next chapter i have a suprise for you!)
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Comments (4)

Cool story! Don't have a theory though
on August 28, 2014
wow evreyone is having a dark side story
on July 14, 2014
Aww I feel so bad for you.....
Its ok. that was the past...
on July 12, 2014
on July 12, 2014