A Sweet Present.

A Sweet Present.

Marionette had been more on edge lately and nobody knew why. Mangle decided to try and cheer her dear friend, and crush, up by giving her a present.

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-one shot-

Her eyes sparkled with pride as she looked down at her gift. She had wrapped it neatly and her heart fluttered with joy. She was going to cheer Marionette up! She took it and quickly walked to Marionette's room.

"Mari!" Mangle called as she stepped in to see Marionette sitting on her bed, staring at the ground. Marionette quickly looked up and gave a soft smile at Mangle as she scouted, inviting Mangle to sit with her.

Mangle quickly nodded and sat beside her crush, a soft blush crossing her face. She put the present in Marionette's lap and looked away, her heart fluttering with panic. She was so nervous now...

Marionette smiled and wrapped it. Her smile only grew wider as she saw what was in it; A fox plushie, a heart box of chocolates, and a card. She opened the card and read it aloud. "Dear Mari, you seem off edge lately..so I decided to give you a present! A nice plushie, it's my most prized thing I have and her name is Snowy! A box of chocolates, too! Oh, and...well...Mari, I love you!" Marionette smiled brightly, her heart fluttering with joy. She blushed softly, as well.

She pulled Mangle close, hugging her tightly. "Thank you so much, you really didn't have to. And, well..." she started and kissed Mangle's cheek gently, "I love you too."

Mangle smiled brightly, blushing. "Yes, i'm really glad! And, of course I would give you Snowy, because you mean so much to me like Snowy does! You mean more to me then anyone! Even Foxy! And he's my brother! I love you so much!" Mangle rushed out excitedly.

Mari laughed, nodding, a bright smile on her face. "aww, thank you! I really can't thank you enough, Mangle. So..I want to give you a present in return." Mari said, giggling. Mangle smile only got brighter as she said, "You don't have too!"

Mari kissed Mangle's lips softly and whispered, "I'm making it official, Mangle. We're going to be girlfriends."

Mangle squealed in joy and excitement as Mari said that. Her tail was wagging, as well. "I'm going to tell everyone! And i'm sure they'll be happy for us! Even Red! I'll tell Red first, too! And I hate him so you better be proud!" Mangle squealed.

Mari, once again, laughed. "Oh, Mangle, how are you so perfect and cute?" Mari gently rubbed Mangle's head gently, running her hand down Mangle's cheek, joy showing in her eyes. Both were happy...and in love. The moment was rather wonderful and was the best moment Mari had all week.

"I dunno! How are you so beautiful?"

Mari wrapped her arms around Mangle tightly, kissing the top of her head.

"I love you, Mangle. So much."
"I love you too. You mean the world to me and I would never trade you away for anything."
"I wouldn't even dream of doing that to you, dear."
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But the story was nice
on September 05
Suck Mangle x Puppet
on September 05