The Book of my crazy school stories

The Book of my crazy school stories

these are weird random times i had in school. most about boys or gossip. i will just call the people by there nickname or they are gonna kill me XD I will update this every random story i experience. Peace out Cake soldiers and enjoy!

published on November 26, 201532 reads 17 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Creeping out Or should i say Stalking

I was at my friends Izzy's House that day. There was two electric scooters so i used one and she used hers. This guy named Ty, he is in my class. And he says he's "A murderer"/\. So at 3:30 PM we were just scootering around Izzy's Neighbor hood, Izzy showed me his house. (i did not ask also he has a crush on me Ty), Ty and Izzy don't get along cause of there dogs fighting. So we went on the electric scooters again at 5:30 PM. And Ty was playing outside. My friend Izzy is scared to go to Ty cause of the revenge with dogs fighting. So i went closer and Ty RANDOMLY got his electric scooter out and violently chased us. (He lives REALLY close to Izzy) And i was like "RUN!!!! F#CK JUST RUN!!!!!" And we stupidly ran with the electric scooters while stands on them. we were using out feet to push it faster.

i will continue this story Next sat ;3
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