High School (1)

High School (1)

This story is about a 16 year old teenager. His name is Subarashī Ken. Subarashī is the new kid in Toriyama High. He is going to go through a rough stage in life commonly known as: High School. (A/N Subarashī looks like the dude in the picture)

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Chapter 1.

New Kid

     Subarashī was walking in the hallway to his first class. He is the new student in Toriyama High. When he reached the door to his math class, someone opened it. What he saw was that class has already started two minutes ago. The teacher noticed him and said "Hello young man, what is your name and why are you here?" Subarashī replied "My name is Subarashī Ken and I'm the new student here. I am sorry if I'm late." "Ah yes, I was told that there would be a new student. Please Mr.Subarashī, you can sit wherever you like." The teacher gestures to the class and closed the door.
     Subarashī scanned the classroom for an empty seat and he found one at the corner of the back of the class. He walked towards the empty chair and sat down. Next to the seat on Subarashī's right was a girl. The girl had short black hair that reached her shoulders, light green eyes, glasses,  a green shirt with the words "Keep calm and keep 'er goin" on it, black skinny jeans, and red and white converse. The girl was trying to talk to him. "Psst hey, new kid. What's your name? I wasn't paying attention." He said,"My name is Subarashī Ken. What's your name?" "My name is Sakura Kagami, but people just call me Sakura," she answered. "Oh, okay Sakura."
     "Mr.Subarashī Ken, I will put your name down in my book and in my computer. But you can come up to my desk and grab this math textbook." The teacher places a textbook on high desk. "Yes sir," Subarashī said as he walks to the teacher's desk and grabs the book. Then the teacher said,"Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself. I am Mr.Kimito Rasanga." Subarashī then walks to his desk at takes a sits down again.
     "Mr.Rasanga, what page am I supposed to turn to?" Subarashī asked. "Turn to page 364 and do 4-20 evens only." Mr.Rasanga said. Subarashī then turned to the page his teacher told him, grabbed a piece of paper, grabbed his pencil out of his pocket, and worked on his math. Subarashī was lucky, because the math lesson was easy. 15 minutes later and he was done with the lesson. He turned in his paper and went back to his seat.
     After a few more classes, it was finally gym time. At gym, they were playing dodgeball and the students were picking teams. "Hey Subarashī!" Subarashī turned around to see who it was. Turns out, it was Sakura. She was running towards Subarashī. "Hey Sakura, what are you doing?" Subarashī asked. Sakura said "I wanted you to be part of my team," "Okay, I'll join your team." So Subarashī followed Sakura to her team.
     When Subarashī walked over to the team, Sakura introduced her friends to Subarashī. Sakura started to introduce them to Subarashī. "The guy with spikey gray hair is Shiraga, the guy with black hair is Kurokami, the girl with blue hair is Aokami, and the girl with blonde hair is Kinpatsu." "It's so nice to meet you," Aokami said. "Yes, it's nice to meet you too," Subarashī said. "I hope we can be awesome friends," Shiraga said. "Yeah man," Kurokami said.
     "Alright, listen up. Are we ready to play some dodgeball?" The coach, whose name is Mr.Chikara, asked the students. They all said yes and then Mr.Chikara set up the balls. "Alright, now the teams should go on opposite ends of the court. And you know the rules. If you get hit you're out, if you throw the ball and the other team catches it, you're out and another teammate on the opposite team will play. Now on the whistle. One...two...three. Then the whistle blows the signal for the game to start.
     Everyone started running to grab the dodgeballs. Subarashī grabbed three dodgeballs and gave the two to Kinpatsu and Sakura. Even though it's just the first round, things are starting to get intense. Subarashī caught a ball in mid air and caused the person who threw it, get out. Sakura got out when a ball hit her on the side of the face. A few minutes later into the game and it's only Subarashī and a redhead guy. Subarashī gabbed a dodgeball and threw it immediately at the guy. The redhead dodged it and grabbed another ball. After the redhead threw the ball, Subarashī  leaned back and grabbed the ball that was behind him. Subarashī chunked the ball straight towards the guy and the coach said, "Headshot!" Sakura and her team all shouted in victory, while the other team just said "Good job" and "Good game" and sat in the stands to watch the other teams play.
     Three minutes after gym was over, Subarashī walked over to his locker, grabbed his lunch box, and headed to the cafeteria. When he got there, he saw Sakura and she was waving to him to sit down at her table. He walked over at Sakura's table and sat next to her. Then Subarashī said,"Thanks for inviting me here at y'all table," "You're our friend Subarashī, don't sweat it." Sakura said. Subarashī looked at the lunch line behind Sakura and noticed that her friends are still in the line. "Hey, I'll be back. I got to go to the restroom. Can you keep an eye on my stuff?" Subarashī asked. "Sure, I can watch your stuff for you," Sakura said. "Thanks," then after that, Subarashī walked to the restroom.
     When Subarashī left to the restroom, Sakura started to eat her lunch. Then her friends started to join her and sat down. Shiraga noticed the lunch box and asked who owns the lunch box. Sakura said that it is Subarashī's and he asked her if she can look after for it while he goes to the restroom. Subarashī came back and sat at the table. They all ate together and talked about what they do and what happened.
     A few hours later, school was over and Subarashī went to his locker and grabbed his backpack. He was walking towards the exit and Kinpatsu was right behind him. She said "Hey dude. Wanna hangout later?" He said "Sure, where do you wanna hangout?" "Well, Sakura, Kurokami, and I were about to go to the park." Subarashī accepted the request but he said that he had to go to his house and put his backpack up. Kinpatsu said "Okay, well we'll be waiting for you at the park. See ya!" After that Kinpatsu left and Subarashī started to walk towards his house.
     When Subarashī arrived at his house, he unlocked the door and entered inside. He put his backpack in his room, grabbed his ear buds, walked outside, and locked the door. Even though it was only the first day for him, he already made a few friends.

(Got to end it here. I will be making chapter two as soon as possible.)
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