Tooth and Claw

Tooth and Claw

This is the story of the wolf pack Cloudpack's survival. More chapters will be added soon.

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Chapter 1.


There was once a mighty wolf pack, who ruled over a forest. When furless, two-legged creatures began to take over the forest, cutting down trees and taking prey, the wolves ran far, far away. They sought the help of a northern wolf pack, but they refused and war broke out.

After many moons of fighting, four wolves decided to make peace. Their names were Cloud, Storm, Ice and Flame, and they were the first Alphas. Each one selected wolves they believed worthy for their pack. Small, fast wolves could hunt small, fast prey. Big, strong wolves could hunt big, strong prey. Smart, fair wolves would become their Betas. Kind wolves looked after pups so their mothers could hunt. Wolves who knew their plants well became healers. Each pack would have territory with water, prey and a place for their camp. But some wolves did not believe in packs made of mixed north wolves and south wolves. Or they disliked packs altogether. They became lone wolves.
They were kind souls, except for a few.

And those few were the biggest danger the packs ever faced.
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