Glitched 2: Lurking in the Dark.

Chloe and Bree are at it again, but they end up going into a horror game. This is fine , but Bree HAD to bring her boyfriend...Read "Glitched" first -

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Chapter 1.

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It had been three weeks since they had their adventure. Chloe and Bree were bored out of their minds. Suddenly, Chloe fangirl screeched. Bree looked up from her screen, quite startled. "What was THAT!" Chloe turned her phone to Bree. "Bro... Five nights at Freddy' s 2 is the free app of the day!"
    Bree immediately installed the app. She was surprised at how kawaii Chica and the Toy Anamitronics were in the ads for FNAF 2. Chloe was confused about her opinion. "Bree, tell me what you find scary?" Bree replied "Teletubbies." Chloe was not surprised. Teletubbies were WAY scarier than Ben Drowned. Of course, Ben was adorable. Bree and Chloe used to joke on the internet. One would say "Ben is mine, you can't have him!", but they could not do that since Bree stared dating.
   And it wasn't the fact that Bree couldn't love Ben, but Chloe couldn't. On their last adventure, Bree had started dating Link. Chloe was surprised and jealous at the same time.
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on June 19
*Stopped*, not Stripped.
on August 09, 2015