The challenge Revived #10

The challenge Revived #10

This challenge is going to be similar to BFB 5. If you remember that episode

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Chapter 1.

Elimation time

Pred: Team 1, your horrible drawing has brought you here today.
Neptune: (coughs) Thomas
Thomas: atleast I drew something
Pred: QUIET. Time for the votes. Each of the safe contestants will get an Ice cream cake. But I forgot the cake, so you'll get a chunk of ice.
Hyper: That's so gross.
Pred: With 1 vote each. Neptune and Thomas are safe.
Starlight: Thomas is safe. That's a surprise.
Thomas: Yay. That's the second time I survived an Elimation.
Pred: Hyper is also safe.
Hyper:[2] It's so cold. Why would you do this.
Pred: Down to Starlight and Kali. And Kali survives.
Kali: [2] Good.
Starlight: [3] WHAT.
Pred: There's a chance you'll get to stay.
Starlight: Really, how.
Pred: Because of Ry.....
Shawndy: Hey Pred. Why did you want our team here.
Pred: Because of Ryan. If he isn't here by the end of this challenge, he is eliminated. And Starlight will join your team.
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Comments (3)

Duh.., I even said in the the one he was missing. Pred killed Ryan
on August 16, 2018
on August 16, 2018