Me and My Girlfriend (GirlxGirl)

Me and My Girlfriend (GirlxGirl)

Mackenzie is one of the richest, prettiest and popular girls in Carcass High. She can get whatever guy she wants, has lots of friends and even gets special treatment from each and everyone of the teachers there. She also has a pretty good relationship with her parents. Can life get any better? Surprisingly, yes. Life can get better when she meets Cass, sort of an outcast, not really financially stable, close to being extremely poor and it's not exactly popular opinion that she's pretty, she's known as the "emo" or "scene'' kid. She could get a boyfriend if she wanted, but she's a full-blown lesbian. She has a couple of friends, and isn't really on good terms with the teachers. What happens when these two meet?

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"Wake up Mackenzie." I heard a soft, quiet voice speak, I slowly opened my eyes, a  being sort of blurry at first, but as I continued blinking my sight returned. "Sarah?" She nodded. "Good morning Mackenzie." She handed me a fine china plate, with food that looked so delicious that instant hunger came over me. "Thank you, Sarah." I turned to her, letting a small smile show. "No problem, Mackenzie. Let me know if you need anything else." I started to eat as she walked out of the room.

I admired Sarah, she was 40 and she looked at least 24, she kept her thick, jet black, shoulder-length hair in a neat bun. Having tannish skin and hazel brown eyes. Her face only had about one or two wrinkles and they weren't really that emphasized at all. Unless you looked at her closely, you couldn't even see them. Everyday I wished to look that good when I was her age.

Sarah had basically raised me all my life since my parents were never really around. I video chatted with my parents whenever I could. They had also missed out on multiple important events of my life. I never held it against them though. Besides, they did work to keep us financially stable and I appreciated that much.

After eating breakfast, I placed the plate on my dresser, knowing that Sarah would probably get it after school or something. I pressed a button, opening up my walk-in closet. After contemplating on what outfit I should wear, I finally chose. A white shirt with a pastel pink mini skirt and sweater along with matching sandals. It was pretty simple. And didn't give off the "I'm way better than you" vibe that most preps tried to give.

I went over toward my dresser and started curling my hair, it looking like beautiful golden locks. I put on a little lip gloss and smiled in satisfaction when I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I

I hated being called self-centered or snobby just because I thought I was pretty. I was given that reputation throughout my school because I was a cheerleader/popular/prep. I had decided to ignore their words though. It's their opinion afterall.

I picked up my purse and went outside getting inside the limo that was waiting for me for probably about 15 minutes by now. "Morning Edmund."

"Morning Kenz. How are ya?"

"Pretty good. You?"
He smiled proudly "I finally told him I liked him."

I felt a broad grin form upon my face "Really? Never thought you'd have the guts to." I teased him playfully.

"We're going on our first date on Saturday. There's only one teensy problem."


"I have no clue what to do and I'm really nervous." He blushed a little in embarrassment .

"Just be yourself Ed."

"What if he doesn't like who I am?"

"Apparently he does or else he never would've agreed to go out with you. If he doesn't like you then move on. You're probably too awesome for him then."

"Thanks Kenz."

"No problem."

"...Hey why aren't you going out with anyone?"

"I dunno. I'm not really that interested in guys.

"What about girls?" The question shocked me. My eyes widened, I had never thought about a relationship with a girl. My parents wouldn't probably approve anyway. "Kenz you okay?" I shook my head snapping myself back into reality. I changed the subject even though it still remained in my mind. He dropped me off at school and I was almost zoned out from thinking about this.

Did I like girls? I had never found myself attracted to guys. And when I was younger I had a friend named Sarah who I had a pretty major crush on. But eventually my parents found out and stopped me from hanging out with her, I never saw her again. I was pretty upset about it so my parents gave me a long talk about how it was just a phase. So I took it as one.

I was so zoned out that I didn't notice a girl skateboarding toward me. "Move out the way!" By the time I heard that voice it was too late, a girl had crashed on top of me. 

I blushed furiously as I looked inside her emerald green eyes. She was beautiful. My heart beat fastened as I looked in her eyes. She looked into mines. After what felt like forever, she finally got up.

"Uh, sorry." I blinked a couple of times, still looking in her eyes. It was like I was in a trance. But her words brang me right back into reality. "Oh. Um. It's okay." She slowly, it seemed as if she hesitantly walked away, and my eyes stayed glued onto her almost wanting to go after her. 

​​​What was this feeling?

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I love this story! keep up the great work! x3
on July 06