The Second Night Fury

The Second Night Fury

A fan-fic about a young Viking who finds another Night Fury, and who must train with Hiccup and the gang to finally fit in, but she has trouble doing it. Will Skylar and Blackwing make it in the dragon academy, or die trying?

published on July 10, 201430 reads 13 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

A blonde haired girl stood on a giant boulder that weighed the earth down in the middle of the forest. Dragon Island was full of dragons, but one Hiccup had never found. The girl looked around, scanning the area with her green eyes.
Something caught her eye as she looked up and saw a black dragon cutting through the air, roaring. Watching it turn and come to her, the girl pulled her shield from her back, ready to defend herself with her sword in her other hand. She stood her ground as the black dragon rapidly sped closer each second.
The blonde girl jumped off the rock, and dropped her weapon and shield. She had remembered what Hiccup always says, "They defend themselves because they have to, they mean no harm."
The black dragon landed only a few feet in front of her, slowly creeping up. Reaching into her satchel, she pulled out a fish. She realized this was much similar to the way Hiccup trained Toothless, for the dragon sat and looked at her with his big green eyes. She stepped closer slowly, holding out the fish for the dragon to eat it.
When she got close enough, she quickly realized the dragon it was. A Night Fury!
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