Soren Firelight ,a white she-wolf:Her life story

Soren Firelight ,a white she-wolf:Her life story

This is my oc for the Sonic franchise.This has taken awhile to come up with,and I had to change the story many times.I felt this would be fun to do!Hope you enjoy reading!

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Chapter 1.

Soren's story.(this will be told in her point of view)

        "Whats that sound?"A little wolf thinks.Gunshots sounded in the background,and she was being carried away by an older wolf.The older wolf looked around maybe in her later twenties.She was wearing a blue dress,and was running extremely fast barefoot.Her eyes shined with fear,and she was crying.The younger wolf she held was a baby.
The little wolf was surprisingly not crying,but looking around her surroundings.She had cool blue eyes with snowy white fur,and her hang hair hung just above her eyes.A male wolf was running behind the female wolf who was carrying the baby.The male wolf wore a blue t-shirt and shorts.
        There were men shouting behind the trio."Stop!"They yell.The facility's sirens were blaring in the background,and gunshots were ringing through the hallway.The male wolf stopped."Veronica!Get Soren out of here!"The female stops as well and turns to see her husband standing in the center of the hallway."No Jhonathan!I can't leave you!"Jonathan turns and smiles at his wife."Tell Soren about me when you get home."Jonathan charges toward the men and Veronica turns and keeps running.Soren began to cry for she wanted to see her father.Veronica tries to calm the baby down."Shh.Its alright."Tears began to flow from her eyes."We will remember him."After she says that,she hears a gunshot and a loud yell.Soren would not stop crying,and Veronica stopped trying to calm her down.Veronica stops to see a dead end in the hallway.She turns around and another gunshot sounded.
        "Where am I?"Soren asked.She was four now,and she was in a test tube and saw people in lab coats.She looks at her arms to find tubes attached to them.She bangs on the glass."Hey!"Soren yells.The humans continue talking amongst themselves.A spirit then forms in front of the test tube,and Soren jumps back in fright.The spirit smiled at her,and Soren stared at her pointed teeth.Her eyes were white and her form was black."Hello."The spirit says.The voice was like a snakes hiss.Soren waves back at the figure nervously."I am Ravine."The spirit says.Soren looks down to see liquid flowing into the tubes in her arms and legs.The test tube was filling up below her feet.She looks up in fright,and her eyes began to slowly close.Through the slit of her eyes she saw Ravine say"And you will serve me well."
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