Do You Trust Me? I Trust You.

Do You Trust Me? I Trust You.

"You'd think the is the typical 'Bully X Victim' story, right? Wrong!" I watched as he circled me, his dark brown eyes scanning up and down my body as a smirked played at his lips. "New meat, I see." And just as those words left his lips he slapped my books out of my hands and pinned me to the lockers, hand at my throat, cutting off my airflow very slowly. I clawed at his throat and choked, causing a dark chuckled to escape his lips. He let go and left around a corner. I held my throat and gasped for air, as I stared off, my mind racing. I wish I knew that my freshmen year was just about to get a whole lot weirder. ~WARNING THIS BOOK CONTAINS, SMUT [ In at least one chapter] , ANGST, SELF-HARM, BULLING [Obviously], BXB AND MENTAL SELF ABUSE.

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Chapter 1.
~Chapter 1~ Fresh[men] Mea

~Chapter 1~ Fresh[men] Mea


I looked around at the halls of my new school, schedule in hand. I smiled and let out a content sigh.

"Hey, squirt!"

I turned my head, meeting the gaze of a tall male. He made his way over to me and circled me, "New meat are we, eh?" "Wh-What?" I tilted my head confused. The male chuckled and brushed some of his dark blue hair out of his face. In a swift movement, almost in a matter of seconds, he had his hand around my throat and had me pinned to the lockers. I gasped and clawed at his throat causing a dark chuckle to escape his lips. "Heh, I can't wait to see you again~" He let go of my throat and watched me drop to the floor. I gasped for air and stared at him, just as he left behind a corner. I closed my eyes and held my hand to my throat. I re-opened my eyes when I heard the bell ring. I scrambled up and grabbed my stuff.

As people filled the halls, creating quite a chaos of noise, I made my way to an empty hallway and pressed my back against the walls, sinking down.

"Oh hey squirt. Nice to see you again so soon~" The male from before purred his words as he got closer to me. My body tensed and I looked up at him. A smirked played on his lips. I got up and quickly tried to walk away, only to have my shirt grabbed and I was pulled back, getting pinned to a wall. "Oh not so fast, kitten~" He purred and I gulped. "Wh-What the hell do you-you want?" I crossed my arms, trying to sound tough. "Trying to play it tough, I see?" He leaned close to my ear, "I like that~" He softly bit my earlobe causing me to shiver and my breath to hitch. "What are you-Ah~!" I let out a small moan as he started to suck on my neck, probably leaving a hickey. He stopped abruptly and roughly pushed me, "I knew it! You're a fu.cking faggot!" He roughly pushed me again, this time causing me to fall flat on my ass.

I held my arms up, trying to protect myself from the bombardment of hits and kicks. He grabbed me by the collar and picked me, holding me close to his face. His arms was brought back like he was going to punch me and of course that's what he did, twice. The first time giving me a nosebleed, the second time, giving me a black eye.

He dropped me and walked off.

I sniffled and picked up my stuff.

No one told me high school was going to be so rough.

I wiped the blood from my nose with my sleeve and walked away to my class.

I sat in the back of my class, hopping my hair was covering my hickey and black eye. I looked around and met the glare of my new bully. I shrunk down deeper into my seat. "Heyo, you must be the new kid?" I looked up and met the green eyes of a milk chocolate colored skin male. I noted he had a paler skinned male with his arms wrapped around his arm, head resting on his shoulder. I nodded. "Whoa, What happened to you, freshmen?" He asked as the other male seemed sadden. I glance back at my new bully and back at them. He copied my glance then looked back at me and grimaced, "That's rough bud...". He leaned back and whispered something to the paler male, who nodded and walked past me; sitting at the desk to my right. The darker male sat at the desk to my left. "Anyway, to introduce ourselves, I'm Daniel and he's Mike, but our friends call us Gear and Scribble. You?"

I gave a small smile, "I'm Martin, but my friends call me Car...."

"Nice to meet you Car! Gonna be nice, being friends with you I bet!" Gear smiled just as he gave a bright smile and turned to face the front.

I watched the teacher, only halfway paying attention.

My first friends...
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