A Place for lovers (A Kotobuki Reiji x Reader FF)

A Place for lovers (A Kotobuki Reiji x Reader FF)

Just a small fanfic, or drabble if you call it that. Credits go to their respective owners. You belong to Reiji. Reiji belongs to whoever made him ;) <3 <3 <3 UTA NO PRINCE SAMA IS LOVE <3

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A Place for lovers.

A Place For Lovers. (a Kotobuki Reiji x Reader fanfic.)

_____ sat down on a bench near the fountain, fiddling with her fingers as she buried her face deeper in her scarf, not because of the cold winter breeze, but because of her teary face.

'How can this be...?' was all that ran through her head.

Despite knowing that it wouldn't work out between _____ and her boyfriend, (Insert your boyfriend's name), she had hope. But that hope was crushed when he broke up with her in the place for lovers, Paris and what's more is she brought him here to show him gratitude for his love that he gave you for (insert number) Years.  But then again, he just played with your feelings.

She was about to stand up when she felt her knees weaken, which prevented her from doing such actions, it sure sucked.

In the midst of her despair, she immediately snapped out of her trance when she saw a hand, offering her a handkerchief, looks like he was the only one who noticed her tears glistening.

"Are you okay?" typical cliché thing that people ask you when they see that you aren't alright.

As much as she wanted to lie to herself, she just can't, she just looked up to the guy who asked her and saw that he was actually really concerned.

Her tears spilled once more, making the guy sit next to her to make sure she has a shoulder to cry on.

He pulled her into a warm tight hug, hoping that his actions can sooth the girl before him.

She didn't know but it just felt right being in his arms like that, it was surely weird for her to think like that but strangely...it just felt really right.

He noticed that she stopped crying and he pulled away from the hug, he looked down on his feet, afraid to meet the girls gaze.

"I..." she began. "Who are you...?" _____ asked him.

He introduced himself as 'Kotobuki Reiji' and like always, she immediately recognized him by hearing his name.

Reiji frowned and asked her what was wrong, but all _____ did was smile and shook her head as if it was nothing but knowing Reiji, he'll bug you forever.

She sighed and told him what happened, and Reiji just gave her a flashy smile.

"Since this is a place for lovers, why don't we become one?" Reiji suggested which made _____ blush madly, well, at least her depression is being washed away little by little.

"Do-don't even think about it!" _____ stuttered, looking away.

"It felt right being in your arms you know? I now believe in what they call a 'spark' when you meet the person who'll make you happy!" _____ noticed the way his chocolate brown hair stood in the moonlight.

She was actually shocked when he said exactly the same things as how she feels right now.

He took her home in her hotel room at France.

"You see _____..." Reiji began. "You may believe it or not but I certainly do feel attached to you."

"I..." _____ didn't know how to respond, she didn't know why but she felt the same way, she already like him and it hasn't even been a day since they met.

Words couldn't express it, so what she did was too unexpected.

_____ kissed Reiji.

It was a long, sweet kiss between the two of them, none of the two wanted to pull away but the need of oxygen started to arise, causing them to pull away simultaneously.

"I have no doubts now. This is a place for lovers."

Yeah I know, this story is rushed, so forgive me L I hope you guys enjoyed this one-shot, that looks like a drabble :3 thanks for reading, if you have any requests, send me a message or leave a comment, first come first serve you guys!

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