The Street Bible - Genesis

The Street Bible - Genesis

When Brennon Munch falls into tough times with friends, family, and money, he needs to step up not for his reputation, but for himself. But doing that he must make tough choices, accomplish tough jobs, and most of all, keep in touch with his will to do so. Who would've thought that such a small town had such a hostile community?

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Chapter 1.

The Beginning

        Hello there. My name is Brennon Munch, My street name is Beemeister. I’ve spent years roaming the streets since I was 12. I wasn’t much of a boss, I walked around my small town with shorts and a hoodie with my bro Seth. We went everywhere and to others we looked intimidating but we didn’t have it. No one really messed with us, just bugged us. Seth was never interested into getting into the game, but I was deeply influenced by rappers and people off the street. So I tried my first move when these kids rode my bus.

        These kids were about 8 years old, one of them was my ex’s litte brother and the other was his friend Caden Stevens that thought he was a ball boss. He was talking smack about how he smoked cocaine when I told him he couldn’t smoke and how he was up until nine o’clock on the streets. I said I could teach him wrong, me and my other friend Dillon and little younger dude chased them.. He beat down Trevor my ex’s little brother while Caden Ran. Over the next few days I came up with a plan next time they rode my bus.

        The next time he rode my bus I said hey. If you want to be on the streets you gotta learn respect which you DON'T have. I also said i will pay him for doing certain stuff- 5 bucks. First he had to vandalise a stop sign, and pickpocket two people. I told him to not spend the money I paid him and to show me the pickpocket money he stole. He said it was a deal and we shook hands. Little did he know that he was gonna get ripped off for the first time.

        I told Seth this plan and he said he would take part if he was there. He also said he was interested in doing that to someone else. His street name was Spud but we rarely called each other our street names. We had two inactive crew members in our crew Tyler and Alex. They didn’t roam around like we did. We also had two girls we met at the park. We go there once in a while to see them. We had life on the street but life at home was pretty simple too. All he had to do was play video games while I actually move like doing parkour or going on a bike ride.

        I was at the park with seth and he came and got me the money. I paid him the last. Me and Seth looked at each other. I pimp slapped him and seth hit his stomach. He fell to the ground while me and seth took my money and ran with it. I gave him 33% of the share and we left with no ounces of guilt. But there was a catch, Caden had some older friends that threatened my little brother once. I hated his guts. But he was involved in Cadens revenge.
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