The FAB of What If World

The FAB of What If World

my new story I just started! enjoy it! ad don't forget to comment on it. :)

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Chapter 1.

The Pilot

Mrs. Tehrani strolled through the front door of the school and headed for the office. A lady with thin trendy glasses, bright red lipstick, and wavy black hair (not sure if it's dyed or not) glanced up at her. "Hello!" she said.
"Hi, is this the school office?"
"Yes, it is."
"Great. Um, I'm thinking of enrolling my two daughters at this school and I'm looking for some information on this school."
"Of course."

Evelyn reached out to pet the squirrel on the neck but suddenly the squirrel bolted and ran up a tree. Evelyn groaned. Grace leaned against a tree and smirked. "Squirrel-whisperer fails again!"
Evelyn threw a branch at her.
They just moved in to their new home in a nice cozy neighbourhood in Southern Canada and Evelyn was trying to get friendly with the locals, that is the squirrels. The squirrel peered over at Evelyn and squawked.
"I think it likes you!" Grace said.
"Oh shaddup. Let's just get inside." Evleyn muttered.
Grace pushed open the sliding door, and they waltzed inside. "Hellooo! Mom? Dad!? STEVE!?" Grace called. "Steve doesn't exist, Grace." Evelyn reminded her.
"Oh yes he does! In my *heart*."
Silence. "Whatever."
Grace called again (including Steve), and when no one replied again, she shrugged and opened the fridge. "Let's get something to eat."
"Okay." Evelyn agreed.

They munched on their PB&J sandwiches and waited for their home to become populated again. Not that it ever *was*, but anyway...Finally, the door clicked open. Grace grabbed her frying pan and crept over to the door. The door opened, and Grace jumped in front of the person waving her pan. Her mom looked at her blankly. "Grace, what--?" she began, when Grace hushed her. "Just taking necessary precautions, Mum." and danced back to her PB&J sandwich. Her mom stood at the foyer with a blank look plastered on her face. Evelyn took her mom's arm and dragged her inside.
A brochure fell out of her mom's purse and Evelyn snatched it up. "'Starry High School'? What's that?"
"The school you will be attending for the rest of high school." her mom replied, bluntly. "I just checked it out."
And that, my dear readers, is when Grace's lovely sister Evelyn, passed out. For the first time. In her LIFE. Over a brochure. Ahem.

When Evelyn came to a few seconds later from a cup of freezing cold water, she crawled over to the couch.
"I'm going to school?" she muttered.
"Yes, but it's a special school!" her mom said.
Grace sighed.
Let me tell you what is going on.
For 99.999% of their short 13 and 14 year lives, they have been homeschooled. From elementary, to middle to high. Or at least, Evelyn had. Grace hadn't. she just finished Grade 8. :) But now, they (the two girls who have been homeschooled for 99.999% of their lives!) are being told they are going to school!? Like, whaaat!? Totally bizarre.
But they will go to school, and they will do well at it, and they will NOT be bullied and I will NOT give you spoilers!!! -takes deep breath- Okay. Moving on. Wanna know why?
BECAUSE. Starry High School (yes, that's it's name. They couldn't think of a better one.) is a specialty school for those poor children who do not fit in any other school (public, private, or religious schools). They choose special teachers from a variety of different criteria (and as you will later find out, they all have something very important in common. hehe) and they are all very knowledgeable in their subjects. Which is good.  

Now back to Evelyn and Grace. They just find out they're starting school right the very next week.
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eh i don't know. i'm not really working on it anymore but im glad u like it
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So far so good
thanks! it's gonna get pretty interesting later. I hope.
on July 12, 2015
on July 11, 2015