The Town of Emerson(In continuing)

The Town of Emerson(In continuing)

requested by one of my discord friends(¤Kainonymous¤#3240), The Town of Emerson would be the origin or/and lore of their roleplay server. A massive town that seems a dream world, protected by it's Ruler and their guards.

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Chapter 1.

Looks of the place(arrival P.O.V)

Your plane sets down near the gates, letting you all off. From above you can see a crystal-clear lake and a suspiciously green forest. It looks like a dream world with it's cotton candy sky and soft lime green grass. You exit the airport and see up on a hill, in the middle of the town a castle. The light brown walls, the crystal clean windows, the space is takes up would look to be have your old small town. All the children are happy, the parents are great, everyone is social. All people are different, whether you have the same skin, eyes, or hair, there is always one difference. Everybody is treated equal, and everyone has so much greatness to say about here. It's like when you arrive you are at your dream place. The king and queen are amazing, the youngest and eldest don't judge. It is amazing, everything is great, clean, and suspicious. You remember coming here years ago and seeing the place as if it were a mess, the new ruler must be great? Right?
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