female foxy fnaf

female foxy fnaf

i made my own character and her name is female foxy fnaf shes my girl version of foxy. she's not animatronic shes actually a fire devil fox and a proud member of the fnaf crew

published on June 1950 reads 15 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

female foxy visits frazbears pizza

female foxy aka f foxy: uhh hello anyone here. Foxy: [sneaks up on f foxy and jumpscares her]. f foxy: AHHHH [punches foxy]. foxy: owy [rubs face]. f foxy: dont scare me like that ok u know how violent i might get. foxy: [sigh] fiiiine. f foxy: i came for a lil fun scaring the nightguard. foxy: ok [runs back to pirate cove]. f foxy: freddy ya there. freddy: yea wat ya want. f foxy: [face palms] nothing fred. chica: hiiii foxxxy . f foxy: [creeped out] uh yo wazzup ·_· . chica: [beak falls off]. f foxy: uhh ok ima just go this way [takes step back then runs away]. mangle: [blocks f foxys path] where ya goin fire freak. f foxy: none of ur buisness tangeld up robo freak [pushes mangle away and heads to the nightguards office]. TO BE COTINUED.
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