Ready For Action

Ready For Action

If don't like Minecraft DON'T READ . But if you just want to read something go ahead . There's a Group out in the Snowy biome . No one dare go near . For they have a sprites that want revenge . ( Grammar will be fix when Story is done )

published on October 16, 201612 reads 8 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.
Meet them All

Meet them All

Hello I'm Jump Shot real name won't say ( Jump Shot Is the boy you see in the pic ) . I'm the leader of the Burners . We are a very strong group we also friends with the Swimmers and Growlers . Growlers Hunt for food and they growl when a Mob near by to warn them . The Swimmers the name already says what they do but they also like witches but good witches . Then there us The Burners We Kill,hunt,mine,build,and most of all Do magic making . My group is only one that has this power . Oh looks like it turning night " HERONIGHT " I yelled I heard the girl footsteps " TIME TO HUNT FOR MOBS YEAAAAAAAA " My Sister yelled grabbing her enchanted Iron sword . I grabbed my bow and my fire arrows . I walked out and my sis all ready killing mobs . I climbed up my tree and stared shooting Mobs getting head-shots every time . " Where the others " heronight asked " There coming I can her there running feet " .Right then there I saw them . Brine who we sometimes call Herobrine because he saves my sister a lot ( I know this has Herobrine but Brine is him before he died in the nether and that's in this story so yea ) holding his Diamond Sword . oh here comes dashly Girl with her Iron Axe . She is the fastest because she drinks the swiftness potion a lot and last but not least Hunter . The pretty girl she is but most feared one . She very talented with Bow and Arrows and Swords . I saw a Creeper behind my sis I quickly shot the creeper in the head and brine finished it off . The mobs where more mean and fast tonight . But we manged to get them down . Brine and Sister all most died but Dashly Girl and Hunter saved them While I kept killing other mobs . Soon the sun started rising I hopped down from my tree and walked to start hunting for some mobs that are hiding .

Heronight View
Hello I'm Heronight got that nickname from my brother for acting like a hero and loving the Night . As The sun rises I followed my brother pulling up my hood on my Back no sleeve jacket . The Fresh morning air blowing . I saw Charlie Run by he from the Growlers Group his my best friend from that group but no one Goes above Brine in my best Friend list . I kept following my brother until we saw Three Endermen . We hid from there sight and we Made a plan to get them down and get there ender pearls ( endermen eyes without life ) . We made the plan and went for it

Brine View
I'm Brine also know by my group name Herobrine . I started Walking to our Base underground and Hunter and Dashly Girl followed me . Oh Did I forget to say I have one all white eye it weird but adds scariness to our group . I reached are base I went to my boring stone walled and floored room and laid on the bed . I grabbed My book I been reading and read until I fell asleep .

Dashly Girl View
Hi I'm Dashly Girl . The fastest Person in are group . I got the nickname Dashly Girl because I like running around and I'm a girl Cool huh I wear a gloves to add to my cool look and Other sweet looks . I'm friends with the Whole Swimmers Group even the leader my best friend that how I get so many swiftness potions . I walked to our kitchen in our base and got out a steak and ate it . I saw hunter Walk over and eat a pork chop . " So how is it going with you and Jump Shot " I ask " Don't even say start " she growled . I immediately shut up and I walked away .

Hunter Preview ( it will be finished in the next chapter )
Hello I'm Hunter . I the most feared out of the group . I wanted to join the Growlers but they didn't let me so I joined the Burners and to my surprise there friends with the growlers .
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good, but grammer.
I Fix it when the story done
on October 18, 2016
on October 18, 2016