The rouge and the warrior

The rouge and the warrior

Cinderleaf, Puddleshine, and Whitewing go hunting on there own as a time to relax and have fun. But when strange activity is going around the twoleg nest, they find it might not be as relaxing as they hoped. Spotted: @XxusernamexX Puddleshine:@LilGaster Cinderleaf: @Inane_feline Whitewing: @Me

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Chapter 1

        Cinderleaf stalked forward, her paws landing silently in the undergrowth. The mouse nibbled on a nut oblivious to the cat behind it. It's tantalizingly plump belly made her mouth water. As she crept on silently, she pounced. In a flash, Cinderleaf was on the creature and finished it off in a swift bite to the neck.
        "Great catch!" Whitewing  called from under a tree. Her eyes sparkled as Cinderleaf brought the mouse over and burried it. As they relaxed in the shade, Whitewing started to get worried, her blue eyes narrowing as she looked gazed around. Cinderleaf got to her paws, glancing at the white she-cat.         
        "What is it?" She meowed, her voice steady.
        "I can't seem to find Puddlesh-" Her reply was interrupted when a loud yowl sounded behind them and two bodies crashed through the bushes. Puddleshine quickly leaped to her paws and another black and white she-cat got up swiftly. She smelled of the a twoleg nest but her fur was too ragged for her to be a kittypet. A once, Whitewing and Cinderleaf were by their fellow clan mate's side.
        "Who is this cat?" Whitewing hissed, her hackles raising. Puddleshine had no time to answer when the other cat leaped at her, paws outstretched and claws unsheathed. Cinderleaf growled and ducked underneath her and swiped at her underbelly with her back paws. The cat fell to the ground, her party white fur soaking red. Puddlesine panted, as if she were just in a long race from Shadowclan to Riverclan.
        "Now who are you?" Cinderleaf hissed as the she-cat staggered to her paws, obviously no longer in fighting condition.
        "If you must know, then my name is Spotted." The rouge scoffed, though her fur was stained with her own blood. Puddleshine growled and she unsheathed her claws once more. Whitewing stared at Spotted and then finally glanced at her hissing companion.
        "And what do you have to do with her?" She asked, her voice cold. Suddenly, Spotted looked frail and weak, her fur patchy and her eyes unfocused.
        "My family, they are starving. I was looking for food by the twoleg place, but I couldn't catch a thing." Spotted began. No one spoke as the she-cat sat down, looking ready to give up.
        "I spotted her hunting in the woods and saw her catch a bird. I tried to steal it, but she wouldn't let me have it. I started to chase her and try to scare her off, but she just chased my right back. Soon I ended up here with my belly ripped open." She meowed bitterly. They all assumed by "her" she meant Puddleshine. Cinderleaf's gaze softened as she gazed at the struggling rouge. She didn't seem like in any shape to be lying and soon, they were all feeling guilty. Before Spotted could limp way, Whitewing dug up the sparrow she had caught and Cinderleaf did the same to her mouse. They nudged the prey toward the cat, and Spotted shot her head up, surprised.
        "I-is this for me?" She stammered, her eyes wide. Whitewing nodded, glancing at Puddleshine. Soon, the cat handed over the crow they had been fighting for only a few moments back. Spotted's family needed it more then they did. The rouge thanked them gratefully and carried the prey away, nudging the mouse along with her paw. As the three Thunderclan cats headed back to camp, they felt happy. They had saved a family from starving.

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