Nonesense speaker. A yandere simulator fanfic.

It's only one chapter for now but.. Why not post it? I'm not good at descriptions.. soo.. ya. Pretty much Ayano gets heartbroken by Taro because Osana confessed early and ends up with someone else after they comfort her the day after Taro accepted Osana's confession.

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The heartbreak of Ayano Aishi and a new friend!

The heartbreak of Ayano Aishi and a new friend!

Ayano was watching Taro Yamada from behind a tree when Osana Najimi went over to him and watched him as he read his book as he sat on the fountain when she suddenly spoke."Taro baka! I-i have s-something to ask you..J-just g-go to your locker! Baka!" she said before speed walking away.
"What was that all about?" Asks Taro, *He sighs* "Well i might as well go see what she wanted to ask me." *He gets up and heads inside to the lockers, after he arrives he opens his locker to find a note that says "Meet me under the Sakura tree at 6:00 PM SHARP! I want to talk about my feelings."
"Maybe i should meet her there." He says before noticing it's already 5:54 PM, he runs to the sakura tree, unaware that he is being followed by Ayano. After Taro, being followed by Ayano arrive at the Sakura tree, Ayano hides on the other side of the tree somehow without being seen while Taro ran up to Osana, now out of breath*
"Good you made it!" Says Osana Happily, "Ya i did, you said you wanted to talk about your feelings?" asks Taro. "Rrr.. Well.. Y-ya.. Y-you see.. t-the thing is.. I-i.." *She started to say before stopping suddenly* "You?" he asks. "I-i.. I LIKE YOU OK?!!?"
"I like you to Osana!.. Wait you do mean more than a friend right?"   "Ya of course you baka Taro! i like you more than a friend!" Says Osana.
*Taro smiles then offers Osana his hand, she takes it then the two skip away from the sakura tree, Neither noticing Ayano was there, but once they're gone Ayano runs from behind the tree, off the school grounds with tears in her eyes.*
*The next day Ayano is sitting on the rooftop with tears in her eyes, sitting on one of the benches* "Hey. What's wrong?" Asks Someone.  *Ayano jumps, not expecting anyone to notice her or care to ask, then she looks up and noticed it was Shiromi!*
"S-shiromi..I d-didn't expect t-to s-see you h-here.." Says Ayano. "What can i say? No one can expect anything i do." Says Shiromi honestly before she sits down next to Ayano. "Now i'll ask again. What's wrong?" Asks Shiromi.
"......."  "Come on Ayano. Tell me." Says Shiromi. "................"    *Shiromi suddenly hugs the still crying Ayano, surprising her*  "It's ok Ayano, i won't tell anyone if you don't want me to, so tell me what's wrong, or sing about it if that would make you more comfortable."
*Ayano stops crying and looks at Shiromi in confusion and Shiromi notices*  "Just try singing, it might help you feel better"  *Ayano sighs, but nods before starting to sing*
"Emotions i feel they turn to none. I broke. I broke. them one by one. The scars that i have, i gulped although They hurt. They hurt. but he won't know. And if it is true, he should admit, he didn't notice it.. Words they say that we can't see! They hit and they are killing me! They don't know how i feel inside!
They don't know just how much i tried.. Light that burned it's out by now.. I try to get it back somehow! Incase you won't come, but run and flee. You know. You know. It's fine with me. But if he was here, and chose to be real, all my wounds. all my wounds will not heal..
It's always the same with me! So deep inside my heart he'll be! *Ayano stands up, walks over to the rail and looks down on Taro, sitting on the fountain* He's smiling and that's all i see! *She looks back at Shiromi* You know it's unforgivably. That it hurt it's hard to say. Cause he won't hear it anyways.
The "i" it turns to "clown" on my behalf, he'll laugh. And laugh.. Right now i could just disappear but it's a lie. It is a lie.. Words they say that we can't see! they hit and they are killing me! You know it's unforgivably! Also is this type of me.. But if you think that this is fine, then please come kill me don't decline! oohhh.." *Ayano sits next to Shiromi again* *Shiromi hugs Ayano again, tighter then before* "It isn't fine, i won't kill you. plus if i did then i would be a murderer." Says Shiromi. "Shiromi.. Do you mind if i ask you something?"  "Go on." *Ayano moves away from the hug* "Not trying to be rude but.. Why are you up here?" *Shiromi shrugs* "I dunno, Anyway's, judging by the fact you looked where Taro Yamada is sitting, i'm guessing he's the guy that broke your heart?"  *Ayano sighs before nodding* "Try to get over him Ayano, if he didn't notice your obvious crush on him then he doesn't deserve your love." *In Shiromi's mind: "Unlike me.. I would never hurt you like that.. wait did i just think that?"* "I'll try.." Says Ayano before standing up. "I better get going, i might see you later Shiromi."  "K, see you later..Yandere-chan.." Says shiromi. *Ayano looks at Shiromi in suprise and Shiromi smirks* "Ya i know your a Yandere, Don't worry. we're both stalkers, i won't tell on you if you don't tell on me k?"  "Ok?.." Says Ayano, who is obviously confused.* "Well. Bye Shiromi."  "Bye Yan-chan".   *Ayano walks back inside the school, leaving Shiromi on the roof*  (End of chapter one)
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