Ripples in Water.

Ripples in Water.

Samantha Stone. She can't help but be curious, but curiosity gets the better of her. You can probably find her in the woods, or graveyards, or old houses, towns, and libraries. She meets a girl named Brooke Jones. Brooke is the same age and they have interests in the same things. Samantha, her best friend Hannah, and Brooke might run into some trouble. Read more to find out what really happens when their curiosity takes control. It may lead down a dark, winding path.

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Chapter 1.

School, where the souls go to die.

I don't like school. People are judgmental. I do look like most girls, but I like to do other things.

I walk down the hallways in a cluster of people. Most of these people are incredibly stupid. My class is at the end of the hall, so I have to walk far.  I was just about to go into the class when someone was walking, she walked right into me.
"Sorry." I mumble.
Her eyes become very wide. I notice that they were a crystal color. "No, I am SO sorry! I am lost and I don't know where Science Room 122 is."
"Oh, well it's right here." I point at the class in front of us. "You can be my lab partner."
"Sure." She smiles. We walk in and sit at at table in the corner.
"Ladies and gentlemen, please take out your notebooks. We will be taking notes for the entire hour!" The old teacher says. I respect her, for some reason. But I hate that she always makes us take notes.

When the class period is over, me and the girl, who I learned her name is Brooke,  go to lunch.
"Don't get the pizza. You will be bent over the toilet for a week and I don't feel like holding up your hair." I smile, jokingly.
"Okay, how about the salad?" She asks.
"Salad is good. They usually can't mess up chopping lettuce and putting condiments on the side." We walk over to a table. Unfortunately, the Queen Bees -aka THE most popular girls in school- are sitting 4 seats down from where me and my best friend Hannah always sit.
Hannah walks over with the same thing as me and Brooke, salad. "Hello, Sammie." Sammie is my nickname that Hannah gave me. "Who's this?" She asks, looking at Brooke.
"This is Brooke. She is new and in my Science class." I say.
"Sammie, I was walking to the store and saw this old library. We HAVE to go! We could find stuff!" Her voices lowers. "We could get cool stuff from there. And there could be GHOSTS!" She laughs.
"Brooke, are you up for it?" I ask.
"What exactly are we doing?" Brooke asks.
"Me and Sammie find old places to go to and find stuff to sell at the pawn shop. And it's cool because sometimes we take pictures. Well, Sammie loves taking pictures. She's a photographer." She says.
"Well, sure. I'll go." Brooke says.
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