jse x h3h3

jse x h3h3

"Nobody wants to fuvck you?" Jack asked while biting his lower lips. He was eyeing Ethan down, staring at Ethan's enormous bulge.

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Ethan was a man on heavier side, but that didn't stop him from doing whatever he wanted. He thought of himself as slim "thicc". His curvatures were present but he had some extra glucose in his ass cheeks. All his life, he never questioned his marriage with Hila, well, except when one man with light green hair came along.

He invited Jack over for the podcast, eager to talk to this renowned youtuber. Ethan idolized Jack but felt too embarrassed to blurt it out loud. That man would always jump with joy when he heard Jack's notification pop out. A rush of adrenaline popped in his veins when he would see Jack's new video. It was like a sort of high came to Ethan.He was a little jealous about what he was going to do. Ethan showed Jack a weird assortment of fanfics relating Jack and Markiplier. I'm just as gorgeous as him...and way thiccer, Ethan thought. He plastered a fake, award-winning grin as he scrolled through the copious amounts of fanfics. "The problem is, I never have these types of fanfics." Ethan said, quite disappointed.Not even Hila and Ethan. Not even Ethan and....Jacksepticeye. "Nobody wants to fuvck you?" Jack asked while biting his lower lips. He was eyeing Ethan down, staring at Ethan's enormous bulge. Ethan quickly knew what was going on and tried his best to hide his ever-growing erection. That woodpecker was almost ready to pop out of his pants. Hila was quiet as usual. She didn't even notice Ethan's 10 feet long wood in his baggy shorts. "Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom. Sorry guys. I really tried to hold it in." Ethan said, laughing. "Actually, I might want to join you too." Jack replied. Hila sat there dumbfounded, confused at this whole altercation. She stared at the camera, shrugging her thin arms. Jack entered the bathroom and held Ethan's thicc waist. "Hey...Ethan." He said. "Do you want a hand with that?" Ethan flushed red, looking away. "I...have a wife, Jack." He wanted to say yes, but he wanted to be back to his comfortable marriage. Jack pulled Ethan closer, embracing his body. "I know you have a thing for me. And when you said you weren't fuvkable , I disagree. Because I want to really fvuck you." Jack whispered in Ethan's ears.
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