The Broken Heart (Jana X Paige[me'])

The Broken Heart (Jana X Paige[me'])

I’m average teenage girl. Right? Wrong! I’m a girl with a shattered heart. Literally and no one knows, but me and a friend of mine. Until I Find someone that I like and he will like me back, but how will I manage that? I’m just an average teenage girl with a broken heart.

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Chapter 1.

Day One: Plain Old Day

I woke up to the sun rays filling my room. I sat up and rubbed my eyes and stretched. My long blonde hair a tangled mess. I got up and walked to my oak closet. I opened it grabbing a red shirt that two pair of wings holding a black heart up. Then I walked to my dresser and opened a drawer grabbing a bra,underwear,and black leggings.
As I got ready for the day I heard my siblings argue. I groaned at the noise.
It’s so early for the fights.
I walked down our brown carpeted stairs and looked at my brothers fight over a toy. I grabbed the toy.
“Who started it is not what I’m after. For no one will have the superman figure today.” I spoke putting the toy on the highest shelf so they could not reach it.
They started to whine which I hushed them by turning on the TV. I watched as their eyes flicked to it and watched with amusement.
I got my bookbag and my books and walked out and started walking to school. I saw my friend, Zoey pop out of the door. Her long blonde hair straightened as she ran off her porch and ran next to me.
“Hey!”She said with excitement.
I simply waved and we kept walking. I only listened to her speak gibberish about her boyfriend, Damien. I sighed and kept listening until we arrived. I went to find my friend Paige also known as Pj by many sorta.
“Oh hey Jana.” She simply spoke seeing me.
She was on her chromebook playing games and talking to a boy named Jamie. I sat next to her as she played a Cool Math game. Interested in what it was. She let me watch.
Paige was a short brown haired girl with brown eyes and was a bit moody to people she didn’t really trust.
She could keep a secret unlike anyone I’ve seen. She might come off as rude first, but she gets use to her and she a gosh darn animal. So in public she is a bit dark.
The bell rang and we departed. To our first hour she was a girl of many secrets. Some not even her own. You’ll have to know her to unravel them.
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