Teh ChAllaNGe GlitcheD 7

Teh ChAllaNGe GlitcheD 7

this a rejoin. i don't know why so soon. but it's here. so HA! wee woo waa wii wuu wiiw wwooo woo ad

published on December 26, 201831 reads 7 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

elimination time

Joey: Cybops, you lost your win streak. What happened.
Thomas: Because my team is full of morons.
Aster: Well i guarantee out of all the "morons" here. Thomas is leaving.
Thomas: I'm the best person here. I can't go.
Luna: Well, everyone else here is way nicer.
Drive: And your a jerk.
Joey: I got 10 cookies, and 11 of you in front of me. Whoever doesn't receive a cookie, heads to the boat of losers.
Steve: I'm very scared.
Drive: don't worry. We can watch Thomas leave.
Joey: *picks up hand full of cookies*
Casey: *gulps*
Attmoz: Hurry up.
Joey: Got cookies for.... Jaz... Kiri... Angel... Casey... Luna... Laurens... Steve... Attmoz... Aster... Thomas.... Cookies for alot of you.
Drive: Wait... what.
Joey: Drive, time for the boat of losers.
Thomas: HA! Knew i wouldn't go.
Angel: Well.... guess we don't lose Thomas.
Jaz: Disappointment
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Comments (1)

The idol got found :O
on December 26, 2018