My Biggest Adventure

You wanna hear a epic awesome and heroic story? I am gonna make one just for you!

published on June 27, 20165 reads 3 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Mission Begins

My brothers and my 2 sisters raced to me. "Mason, Timmy sent us a mission!" Chloe said excitedly. "Again?! Oh heck! That means we go to the portal!" I said. We all went to the portal. Kaiden came in first because he is the leader. We all said " whoa!!!" As we slided down the circulating portal. When the time we came out, we went to our "dog mobile" because dogs ruled it. My baby sister was driving, and I know it's weird. Then BOOSH! We investigated. Then we turned our backs and colossal monster! It roamed the city. We had no choice but to lead in to the rocket ship. The ship roared and out into space. We wharfed around. "Atleast we have the spell book" Aidan said. We were in relief. But the ship was flying away!
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