Half Blind #2 (sample)

Half Blind #2 (sample)

We're back with Ayaka! But now lets see whats underneath that eyepatch! But something elese happens! BACKGROUND: Ayaka was born diffrent her father was a demon and her mother a human

published on June 21, 201410 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Underneath The Eyepatch (Chapter 1) (sample)

Underneath The Eyepatch (Chapter 1) (sample)

"AHA!" Naomi Slid open my eye patch but then she backed away as a bunch of blue fox fires started to cover me up. BOOM! As the blue fox fires cleared up I was in a Kimono Dress and my hair was longer.. But that wasn't all I have fox ears and 9 fox tails.. I now remember... My father is a demon... A Holy Fox Demon. I opened my eyes looking around. "Naomi?" I asked in a slightly tired voice. "g-get back you monster!" she replied. "w-what monster?" I asked. But then I noticed that something was behind my back. It was a Katana! Then all of the sudden The blue fox fires covered me again. BOOM! "W-where am i?" I asked as an echco started "Hello my daughter" A familer voice said. "W-what? My dad died when i was 3 there's no way he's alive!" I said. "Its true Ayaka he really is there" another familer voice said "wait.. That voice" i said. "Mom?" I asked. "Mom?!?" I said again then the black faded away and all of the sudden i was in this castle. "W-what
Mom where are we?" I asked in a confusing voice. "We're in the holy fox castle" she replied. "Wait the holy fox castle?" I said confused. "Yes we are at your fathers castle" she said. "F-father?!?" I said while walking backwards. "Is he dead is he alive Is he?!?" I asked. "Hes aliv-" she cut off "i'm alive Aya" a familer voice said. "Aya...Aya..." I started to think where have i heard this n-name. Wait thats my nick name.. "Fa-father?" I said. "Aya you have unleashed your powers... So now you have to be apart of the holy fox demons" he said. "What? What do you mean the holy fox demons?" I asked. "Now that you have your demon powers... You may not be able to live a normal life anymore" He replied. I was surpirsed.. Did that mean i was gonna have to live in the demon world? "Wait do i have to live here now?" I asked in a confused voice. "Yup" my dad replied "Oh well thats great...." I said "what you dont wanna be with your real family?" He said sad and confused. "No.. Its just that i wanna be normal..." I replied
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