Mangle x foxy

Mangle x foxy

This is for ToughWolf3 I hope you enjoy this buddy ^-^ ._. Words plz no thank you!

published on July 08, 201616 reads 13 readers 2 not completed

Love at first sight

Foxy was walking around the pizzeria when he saw mangle, his eyes widened and his eye patch dropped down onto his eye and he started blushing. Mangle looked at foxy and smiled, she then walked over to him and eventually they got to know each other.
After a few days had passed foxy and mangle were best friends but foxy wanted to be more than friends so he went to find mangle and when he did he saw her crying. "Mangle what's wrong lassie?" He asked and knelt down to hug her from behind.
Mangle looked up at foxy and hugged him, she was crying so hard she could barely even talk and foxy did the very best he could to comfort her, eventually mangle calmed down and foxy smiled.
"Mangle I really like you and I was wondering if he would like to be me girlfriend?" He said and mangle was so happy that she hugged him and kissed his cheek "of course foxy!" I love you!"
Foxy smiled "I love you too mangle!" He said and they both started hanging out together more often. Foxy was protective over mangle and wouldn't let her get hurt.
A few years passed and foxy was beat up.... Mangle was torn apart.... But foxy still lobed mangle no matter what and he walked up to her and saw her broken so he sat next to her and kissed her.
Mangle smiled and kissed back and snuggled him, together they made sure that nobody would disturb them while they were together forever and ever. They never wanted to leave each other ever! "You're mine forever mangle and I won't ever let that change" foxy said and mangle blushed.
((Alright here you go ^-^ I hope you enjoyed that I don't exactly ship it but still I actually had fun writing this! I'm glad you made me write this for ya so I definitely hope that you enjoyed this toughWolf3 ^-^ anyways just know that I'll always make things like this for ya and that I enjoy making them. Well I better stop writing so you can uhhh... Read your wonderful shipping story here but still enjoy my wonderful friend I worked really hard on this. Well anyways I will see you later buddy!))
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Comments (2)

Nice story.
I ship it......
But it was a little fast, but still cute.
on July 14, 2016
I love it! Thank you for writing this! Your an amazing author! Thanks Buddy!
on July 08, 2016