A Beautiful Thing.

A Beautiful Thing.

Alice is a typical 17 year old white girl. Not being racist, just saying it how it is. She drinks Starbuck's, has the latest iPhone, has perfect friends. It's all handed to her. Maybe it's because she's "that girl." Yeah, she's that girl. But now she's going to be a senior, after a glorious summer filled with tropical paradise and expensive clothes. And she has to grow up. College, finding love, getting a job. She's not a kid anymore, and she has to do things for herself.

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Chapter 1.


The drive to Starbuck's is so short. I can already feel my white chocolate mocha just sliding down my throat.
I let my hair blow around in the wind from the window. It'll be fine.
I pull into the parking lot and see Grace, my absolute best friend, standing by the door on her phone. I park beside her big white Jeep.
"Hey!" I say, grabbing my purse and getting out of my car. She runs over and hugs me, her blonde hair going up my nose to the point where I have a coughing fit.
"Calm down," she says, looking around for Tyler who is supposed to be here. I turn around, only to see his monstrous black truck pulling into the parking lot. Starbuck's isn't really his "scene," but he came anyways.
When he gets out, I run over to hug him. It's been a total of two months since I've seen him, two months since I've seen any of my friends. But leaving for two months has it's perks when you're out on the beach all day, getting gorgeously tanned.
He wraps his arms around me, and I inhale the scent of his cologne. In case you're wondering, he's not my boyfriend. I guess everyone figured we would get together, since we grew up being best friends. He knows more about me than I probably know about myself.
"I missed you, Alice," he says into my hair.
"Mhm," I mumble. I stand on my toes, looking into his blue eyes. "I missed you, too."
Grace giggles, and fakes a cough. "Get a room!" I pull off Tyler and smile.
"So, Imma get my coffee, and we can go do whatever. It's our last day before we're seniors!" I throw my hands in the air and walk into the coffee shop.
The aroma... The smell... There's not even a line. I walk right up to the register.
"Hi, I just want a tall White Chocolate Mocha, decaf thanks." I pull out my white wallet and grab my Visa card.
"What's the name?" the dude behind the counter asks.
"Alice," I say. My phone vibrates. I look and see a text from Lana, one of the most popular girls at school. Luckily, my ranking is higher than hers. Not being rude, just honest.
Lana: Hey! Wanna spend the night tonight?
I sigh, and quickly type my response.
Me: Sorry. I'm spending the night with Grace. Next weekend if I'm free?
Lana: Yeah, sure, that's fine.
To be honest, I don't really like Lana but I don't say anything. She just thinks she is the "queen" at our school.
"Alice," one of the workers says. I walk up and grab my coffee.
"Thanks," I mumble. I walk back out there, and see Tyler and Grace talking.
Here's the thing: I really like Tyler. He's the best friend a girl could ask for. He really cares and understands. And Grace understands my feelings for him, so she backs off.
"Hellooo," I sing. I look at them, sip my coffee, and nod. "K, I'm gonna ride over to...?" I wait for an answer.
"Grace's," Tyler says. I nod and wave 'goodbye.' I get in my car, and turn the music up loud. I have a 2015 Mini Cooper, and I love it.
"All of Me" by John Legend plays. I kinda feel like it's the song I would sing to Tyler if he felt that way back.
I pull out of the parking lot, and drive the 5 minute drive to Grace's house. I park in her large driveway.
Her house is nice. It's on the East Side, one of the nicest parts of town.
So, our town is split into 4 groups. The East Side, or the upper-middle class. Then, there's the South side. That's the "ghetto" side of town. Then, there's the North Side. That's the rich class, or where me and Tyler live. Then there's the West Side. That's all farm land and rural areas.
Her house is two stories, brown brick, and a manicured lawn, almost as manicured as my nails.
Tyler pulls up behind me, followed my Grace.
They get out, and I bounce over to them. I grab my pink duffle bag out of my car and walk up to the house.
Mrs. Marin, Grace's mom, is making pizza.
Let's get one thing straight: our parents don't care if we have sleepovers with guys. As long as we're not.... Well, you know, it's fine. That's why me and Tyler have so many sleepovers.
Usually Tyler invites Aden, his best friend. Aden should be here soon.
We go up to Grace's yellow, bright bedroom. I fling myself on the bed and let a huge sigh.
My phone buzzes, a text from Lucas, the third most popular guy at school.
Lucas: Hey... Can I ask you something?
Me: Yeah, what's up?
Lucas: Um... Will you go out with me.
I drop my phone. This isn't the first time I've been asked out, it's just that people who are not-so-popular do. And I hate saying no. I haven't had a boyfriend since I got cheated on by Maxton, the ex-most popular guy at school. I have a lot of friends, so he got shunned and eventually he lost his status completely.
Me: Lucas...
Lucas: I know you hate dating people, but I'm not a sh!t head. I swear.
Me: Language.
Lucas: Sorry...
Me: I can't, I'm so sorry.
I turn off my phone and sigh a huge sigh.
Let's get one thing straight: I'm not mean. I'm not Regina George. I'm Alice Knights, and I'm nice. I am not that kind of popular girl who goes around hurting everyone's feelings. I hate saying no to people. It breaks my heart. I don't find pleasure in hurting people.
Let's get another thing straight: I'm not a slut. Nope, I'm a clean person. That's typically unheard of in most schools, but me being the most popular girl at our school (according to Sulley High "Popularity Survey") people use me as an example. Our school is leading in the virginity ranks (for girls. According to the county website.)
Tyler lays down beside me. His fingers brush my hand, and I turn my head at him.
"Alice..." He bites his lip.
"Yes?" Oh, I hope he's asking me out!
"You're beautiful," he says, pushing a lock of my brown hair out of my hazel eyes. I take a deep breath and smile.
You have no idea how much I want to tell him I love him. He's the guy I want to marry, the guy I want to have a family with, the guy I want to grow old with. I want that with him. So much.
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Comments (4)

This is pretty cool, next part?
on June 04, 2015
Awesome! This is pretty much correct about how it is in high school I think, except for the "popular girl" part. Everybody thinks mean girls is correct and there are queen bees in high schools, but really, it's drama free.
That's good, and I'm only in middle school so I just take what I know from my family members.
on May 15, 2015
on May 14, 2015
on May 14, 2015