The Unknown Yandere.. Book 1

The Unknown Yandere.. Book 1

This is going to be a series of books...soo yeah ;3 trust me on this one Some of the chapters are short so i'm sorry?

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Chapter 1.
Chapter.1 Finding A Senpai..

Chapter.1 Finding A Senpai..

It was a bright morning when a girl woke up..It was her first day of Sakura Akademi. At her old schools people had mistreated her,but..She never
cared,she let it happen because.......She pain at all so she didn't do anything to make it stop. But her parents were worried so they had
transfered her from school. But for some reason,they had high hopes for this one.Anyways,Her name is Yuki Tsukamoto. She was kinda lonley so she also hoped she could maybe..make at least 1 friend?.. She had looked at her clock and suddenly,Went into panic! It was 7:40 and class started at 8:20 and she heard it was 1 mile away from home! She hurried and packed,Grabbed some toast,an flew right out the door,

it took her about..10-15 minutes to get to school? so it was 7:55 by then.She was relived it hadn't even turned 8:00 before she got there! Suddenly,she hear,yelling it sounded like a girl,she sounded really..mad?? Yuki followed the voice and soon came to a girl who was screaming at a guy. Yuki had ran over to them saying "HEY YOU! maybe you shouldn't yell at people! what in the hell did he do to you!?" ???: "EXCUSE ME BAKA!? YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO! besides..HE ALWAYS keeps me waiting for him he takes like..FOREVER! i should have the right to yell at him!" Yuki: "No..that does not..." Yuki would turn around to see the guy looking down in shame as if he did something everyone would hate him for. Yuki decided to see i she could find out whats wrong with him,besides of the girl yelling at him. Yuki: "Hey,is she..bothering you?" Boy: "I-i guess..i just..-" ???: "HEY- DONT EVEN PULL THAT "NICE BOY" ACT ON HER!!" Boy: "What "Nice boy" act..i-i...just wanna be friends with other people..

you cant just be my only friend..." Yuki: "Excuse me,but would you ind if i talked to him for a bit??" ???: "FINE GEEZ BAKA!.." The boy follows Yuki and Yuki starts to talk to him "So..whats your name? I'm Yuki!" Alex: "Im..Alex..nice to meet you..Yuki.." Yuki: "Im assuming..your a little shy..ehh?" Alex: "Y-yeah.." ~Bell rings~ Yuki: "O-oh! Its 8:20! we should get to class..are you in A-1?" Alex: "Yes! i c-could take you there!" Yuki: "Thanks!" ~In Yuri's head during class:I-i dont know why..i..felt so weird around Alex..D-do i like him!? I g-guess..N-no i need to stop lying to myself..i do like him..but why would he like someon- WAIT..what many other girls like him!? what if he has a girlfriend!!! I-if he does..i wont..get to..ever..YOU KNOW WHAT!? i don't care anymore..or..what if thats to..WAIT..If he does have girls that like him what if i just..heh..heh..Spill some blood??..As long as no one sees..I COULD KILL THEM! ive decided,i will kill everyone in my way of..SENPAI..he will be one can take him..hes the only on who can help me..-~ ~The lunch bell rings~
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