FireSpark56's survivor predictions

This will be my predictions for the elimination story survivor, by spark.

published on September 14, 201817 reads 8 readers 3 not completed

Firespark's survivor

Survivor 2
(Team 1)
[Will list votes from fewest to most]
Furry, Tanner, Ivy, Yinmei, Jeremy, BlueFirey, Lucian, BatimHedgehog, Scoot, RiniDerp, Thomas
Eliminated: Hewkii

Survivor 3
(Team 2)
Jaz, Cindy, MidnightRosa, X-wing, NorthFirespark, Alyssa, Lumerisk, Keinoa, RC, Woody, Derp
Eliminated: Neptune

Survivor 4
(Team 1)
Tanner, Ivy, Yinmei, Furry, BatimHedgehog, Scoot, Lucian, BlueFirey, RiniDerp, Jeremy
Eliminated: Thomas

(Keinoa finds Idol)

Survivor 5
(Team 2)
Keinoa, Cindy, Jaz, MidnightRose, Alyssa, Lumerisk, X-wing, Rc, NorthFirespark, Derp
Eliminated: Woody

Survivor 6
(Team 2)
Lumerisk, Keinoa, Jaz, NorthFirespark, Cindy, MidnightRosa, RC, Derp, Alyssa
Eliminated: X-wing

Survivor 7
(Team 2)
Jaz, Keinoa, Cindy, NorthFirespark,  MidnightRosa,Alyssa, Derp, RC,
Eliminated: Lumerisk

Survivor 8
(Team 1)
Yinmei, Ivy, Tanner, Furry, Scoot, Lucian, BatimHedgehog, BlueFirey, Jeremy
Eliminated: RiniDerp

Survivor 9
(Team 2)
Jaz, Cindy, Keinoa, Alyssa, MidnightRosa, Derp, NorthFirespark
Eliminated: RC

Survivor 10
RiniDerp, Woody, Lumerisk, RC, X-wing, Thomas, Neptune,
Rejoin: Hewkii (joins team 2)

Survivor 11
(Team 1)
Tanner, Furry, Ivy, Yinmei, Lucian, Scoot, BatimHedgehog, BlueFirey
Eliminated: Jeremy

Survivor 12
(Team 2)
Alyssa, Jaz, Cindy, Keinoa, MidnightRose, Derp, Hewkii
Eliminated: NorthFirespark

Survivor 13
(Team 2)
Keinoa, Jaz, Cindy, Alyssa, Derp, MidnightRose
Eliminated: Hewkii

Survivor 14
(Team 1)
Yinmei, Ivy, Tanner, Furry, Scoot, Lucian, BlueFirey
Eliminated: BatimHedgehog

Survivor 15
(Team 1)
Ivy, Tanner, Yinmei, Furry, Lucian, Scoot
Eliminated: BlueFirey

(Teams merge)
(Only 1 person will be immune each round)

Survivor 16
Jaz, Alyssa, Ivy, Yinmei, Furry, Keinoa, Tanner, Lucian, Derp, MidnightRose
Eliminated: Scoot

Survivor 17
Jaz, Cindy, Keinoa, Ivy, Yinmei, Furry, Keinoa, Lucian, Alyssa, Derp
Eliminated: MidnightRosa

Survivor 18
Cindy, Keinoa, Jaz, Yinmei, Lucian, Furry, Ivy, Alyssa
Eliminated: Tanner

Survivor 19
Ivy, Furry, Jaz, Cindy, Lucian, Keinoa, Alyssa
Eliminated: Derp ;-;

Survivor 20
Furry, Jaz, Ivy, Yinmei, Cindy, Keinoa
Eliminated: Lucian

Survivor 21
Cindy, Furry, Ivy, Yinmei, Jaz
Eliminated: Alyssa

Survivor 22
Ivy, Jaz, Cindy, Yinmei
Eliminated: Keinoa (uses idol)
Really eliminated: Yinmei

Survivor 23
Cindy, Jaz, Furry
eliminated: Ivy

Survivor 24
( Furry)
Cindy, Keinoa
Eliminated: Jaz

Survivor 25
3rd: Cindy
2nd: Furry
1st: Keinoa
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Comments (3)

good predictions
Thx, team 2 loses alot
on September 14, 2018
on September 14, 2018
on September 14, 2018