Spell Book (From Spells Of Magic)

Spell Book (From Spells Of Magic)

Use these spells with only experience and caution. There will be consequences if used wrongly and will backfire. Use magic at your own risk. Some are curses some are good, either way, be careful what you wish for because magic is a dangerous thing.

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Chapter 1.

Trap Someone In a Mirror

You will need the following items for this spell:
- Focus
- Mirror

Aim the mirror and Say:
"Libertatibus perierat et ignaro in speculum ad imperium."

If they don't go in at first, say it again and make them touch the mirror.

Note: this spell traps someone in a mirror for a short amount of time. The spell casting for this spell is also in latin so before casting, make sure to know how to pronounce the words correctly in order for the spell to work.
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