Mishaps and mistakes~

Mishaps and mistakes~

This is a story about a girl named Noko and her best friends; Alexia, Sasha, and Gracie. But some mishaps are bound to happen in every friendship, right?.. Maybe some slight romance and... Well, I'll pass on the spoilers~

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Chapter 1.


   My name is Nokoshimasu, or Noko, for short. I've never been.... "Normal," as some people would say. I'm quite tall, with golden-brown hair and amber eyes, a fairly pretty girl. I'm a Neko, or cat person though. I've never found shame in it, in fact, I'm proud. My best friends are like me, Nekos and whatnot. I was abused by my mom, but she died of a sickness, somehow. My Step-Mom isn't half as bad, but still not the best... My dad stands up to her, and well, it works!.... Enough about me, let's talk about my friends!

Alexia was my best friend since third grade, a hell of a year! We went to the local fair and amusement parks, where we met Sasha. Sasha is a werewolf,
VERY COOL! We had our little group then, and everything was pretty nice. In fifth grade we met Gracie, who was an Avian! She is beautiful, I'll tell you that! We met each-other by being in the same art class, (our favorite subject) where we did a collab on a wolf painting.
   Okay, now you know my friends.... Let's talk about bullies, I guess.. We have quite a few, I'll name the worst ones for now... Eliza Woods, the 'popular' girl. She's the biggest b!tch of them all. She bullied me and Alexia since first grade, she still hasn't stopped. It's gotten slightly physical, but we can handle it... The second worst; Jason Piazza. The Student Body Prez, and you'd think he'd be nice because he's SBP, but nope. He's been a big jerk since, dang, I dunno.... All I can remember! He's only bullying to be cool, though.. Alexia has a little crush on him!~ Hehe... The third worst; Silver Elements. Nice name, right? He's actually kinda cute if you ask me.... But he's a jacka$$. Too harsh? Sorry. I can't help it. He's rude.... Smacking lunch out of kid's hands... Oh geez... Anyway, you get the point. Rude people. This is how our every day lives go, so here we go... Also, gotta stop writing here, pencil is about to break! Be back tomorrow!

(A/U: I'm stepping into this blankly, so don't judge me if you hate it please ;v;)
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