Human!Lil' Cal x Reader

Description [Name], an average teenager, has a couple of social issues. Being shy and a bit out there makes it hard to make friends. Until a boy who's the same, if not more, amount of odd as her. Will this friendship blossom into something more? Or will it crumble into unfixable pieces? Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, just the plot. Also, this is humanstuck. ¦:]

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Chapter 1.

Chapter One

Chapter 1

Your name is [Full Name]. You are what people call an 'emo' teenager. Gog, you hate that label. You prefer the 'lone wolf' label. That's due to you having ligitly zero friends. People have come and go. You don't bother making friends with backstabbing people. Why bother go through all the pain?

You sit in you history class, half-listening to your teacher's lecture. You already know what he's talking about. The door to the classroom slowly opens and all heads turn that way, including the Mr. English's, your history teacher. An odd boy walks in. His has odd blonde hair, alluring blue eyes, pearly white skin, and he wore blue jeans, a basic blue shirt with the word 'CAL' on it and a longsleeved orange shirt underneath it. His cheeks had bright red circles on it. How odd.

"Aah, you must the new student? What's your name?" Mr. English asks, his British accent fluttering through his words elegantly. "Lil' Cal." he says. Oh Gog... His voice. It's so alluring and odd. It matches everything about him. "Oh. Well, you may go sit in the back, by [Name]. [Name], raise your hand." Mr. English states looking at you.

You silently sigh, reluctantly raising your hand. A couple people look at the odd boy with a sympathetic look. He smiles widely, happily strutting to a seat next to you. How confusing. Someone who wants to sit next to you? Your not sure if you want to jump for joy, or jump off a cliff.

Mr. English continues his lecture, adding gestures and words no one understands. Lil' Cal looks at you, an odd smile on his face, "Hello [Name]." That voice. "Hello, Cal." you whisper back. "I prefer Lil' Cal, hun." You roll your eyes. "And I prefer to be left alone. Not everyone gets what they want, hun" you reply sharply.

He smiles devilishly. "Oh so true, my friend." he purrs. You narrow your eyes at him. Friend? You don't want a friend. But not everyone gets what they want.
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