Cheese and Coffee

Cheese and Coffee

Julian McDuncan is a happy, confident, starry-eyed college student who's working to make it in this big world. Spoiler: he fails.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1: In Which Julian Fukks Everything Up ("Everything," Being Selena Garrison)

        The party. It all started with a stupid party. Nineteen-year-old Julian McDuncan just wanted to enjoy himself at a stupid party, but no, this so-called God had other plans. The whole party itself was a blur. All he really remembered was the girl with the bluest eyes he had ever seen, the next morning, and even that only lasted for a few minutes. She left and he never saw her again.
        That is, until he got the text.
        The text was oh-so thoroughly put together, containing hints of Shakespeare and just a touch of Lin-Manuel Miranda.
It simply read this: “u got me pregnant u dick”
        Julian had no idea who’s number this was, and he certainly did not get anyone pregnant. He didn't even like girls. Unless he got a dude pregnant, but this isn't some Troy x Ryan mpreg slash fanfic. This was real life. And this was definitely a girl that was texting him. He responded back, “who is this and how did you get my number?”
        A few minutes later, his phone made a noise. It was a terrible ringtone, one his twenty-one-year-old best friend picked. It was just high-pitched Heathers nightcore. He cringed before picking up his phone. A new text. “selena garrison asshole.”
        He rolled his eyes. Not even a petty attempt to punctuate. “are you implying that your last name is asshole?” Julian typed back.
        Selena sent back a highly intellectual response, “dick”
        “that's the second time you've called me that and i’m getting a bit offended.” Julian rolled onto his bed as he typed.
        “oh my god i hate u sm. just listen to me. i’m pregnant and i think ur the dad.”
        “Oh.” He said out loud to no one in particular. “Oh.”

        Just as he was about to respond, the door to his door room swung open. A tall girl with messy blonde hair and black-rimmed glasses walked in, plopping down on his bed. “You're in deep shit, McDuncan.” Alyssa. Always a ray of sunshine.
        “So she told you?” He raised an eyebrow at her.
        “She told Jessica. You know how they are. On-again, off-again friends. So, naturally, Jess told me.”
        “Of course she did. What am I supposed to do, Alyssa? I barely know her. It was an accident.” He groaned.
        “Well, for starters, you can text her back.” She nodded at his phone, the Messages app still open on Selena’s text.
        “Ugh, fine.” He sighed, typing back, “so what are you going to do?”
        A few minutes later, his phone went off and Alyssa laughed. “Can't believe you still have that ringtone. Lemme read the text.” She snatched his phone away from him. “Let’s see… ‘Well, I'm not just going to kill it. I'm going to have it. I'm pro-life, after all.’ Oh, cry me a river. ‘But I don't want to keep it because I'm a college kid!!!’ All caps, by the way. ‘So if you want it, take it when it's born.’ Like I said, you're in deep shit.” Alyssa gave his phone back.
        Julian didn't respond to the text, partly because he didn't know what to say.

        For the next couple of weeks, Julian only left his dorm to go to class. The rest of the time was spent pondering over what he should do. He'd heard from Jessica, Alyssa’s older sister, that Selena had dropped out of college. Rumor had it that she'd went back to go live with her mom, others claimed she'd ran off to Canada. There was no in-between. There was even a rumor that she killed herself. Regardless, she hasn't contacted him in about three weeks, the last text she sent saying, “dont try to talk to me, i wont talk to u. i’ll tell u when this thing is born dw.”
        That was the last he had heard heard from her. In fact, that was the last anyone ever heard from her.
        Eight months later, Olivia was born.
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