The Death of a Child a Born Leader ( Discontinued )

The Death of a Child a Born Leader ( Discontinued )

This is about Flowey or her human name Flow with her two sisters Tiger and Ruby or there human names Tyler and Rigges

published on July 24, 20162 reads 2 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.

The Death

Hi I'm Flow with my two sisters Tyler and Rigges and we are at Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria . We having so much fun but we following a Purple Guy he said his name is Vincent . Wired he took us in a storage room for old old animtronics . " Hey what are you doing ? " I asked him shutting the door and I backed up . Then BAM I saw my two sisters dead then I looked at him and full speed ram my fist in his face . Made him have a bloody nose . NO ONE HURTS MY FAMILY No o-

- later in the day -

" GIIRLS " The mother of the three dead children yelled " GIIIIRLS " She kept yelling louder and louder she stared to get mad and walked away and got in the car and drove away . The girl watch there mother leave In sadness then felt anger must get revenge .
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