Gachalife_Alice08 x Reader

Gachalife_Alice08 x Reader

You sometimes gets lonely, it seems like all your friends are starting to see people and you want someone you can have a special bond with. So what do you, someone who's successful, lonely and has money do?

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chapter one

Many thoughts are going through your head as you stand in LAX, waiting.
"What the hell am I doing?" You think to yourself.
Anxiously, you run your hand through your hair, the other one gripping tightly to a bouquet of flowers, daisies to be specific.
But back to what you are doing. Here you are, in the airport, waiting for your bride. Your mail order bride. You, a successful private investor millionaire, paid a company that handles women whom were looking to get married through online practices and ship the women to the United States, and you picked the woman that was of a fair price.

Your friends all had lives of their own, you couldn't tell them you were lonely, that you needed someone. That's what led you to ordering a bride.
You had to be married to her for three years before she could claim United States citizenship, but she'll probably leave you after those three years like everyone else does, leave you. Yet here you are, standing in the airport, waiting for your bride. Obviously this is not what you imagined as a married person. You shook your head, gripping the daisies.

You felt someone standing in front of you as you hung your head down low. Not having lost all hope yet, you look up, anticipating your bride. To your joy, it was her, your bride. She was beautiful, but not quite what you were expecting. For one, she was wearing what looked to be a military uniform. Not just any military uniform, but one that looked akin to a Soviet red army uniform, like the ones worn in WWII. Like, what? She was from Russia, right? Not the USSR... after all, it no longer existed. (f's in the chat pls) But other than that, she was ethereal. Long blonde hair complemented with bangs and fox ears of the same color, an ivory complexion, mesmerizing blue eyes that sparkled in the sunlight, and a fox tail to complete it. You questioned if she was a furry but it was okay if she was.

"Здравствуйте... I'm Alice...Nya." She spoke. You just stared at her in shock. This actually worked. You actually have a bride, an ethereal Russian bride named Alice with a sexy Russian accent. You aren't quite sure what came over you, but you hugged her. She was your bride-to-be afterall, you had every right to hug her. She seemed disgusted for whatever reason and pushed you away. Slightly taken aback, you hand her the daisies and take one of her suitcases in your hand. "I'm (Y/N), welcome to the United States Alice..." She rolled her eyes, threw the daisies on the floor and stomped on them. After she did that she punched you in the face and then spit on you. "Shut up U Stupid Peasant..... Take Me to My Fiance." you chuckle, assuming she's joking. "I'm your fiance, you silly Russian!" you say, then pinch her cheeks, her cute, chubby cheeks. In response, she hits you and spits on you again and then laughs. "Lol no U r not Ur Ugly LOL. And U Smell." And it hurts your feelings so you start crying and you just walk her to your car.

"I'm going to take you to our house." You held out your hand, and for a moment she just glared at you before hesitantly placing her hand into yours. You knew she wouldn't trust you easily, after all, trust is gained, not something you give out. When she took your hand you could swear you felt your heart leap. You laced your fingers together with hers, and off you went. Life felt perfect.

"I live in Beverly Hills, I know you'll love it here." You said while you and Alice walked to your car. A beautiful white platinum Mercedes, the rims on the car cost $1,900 alone and the seats inside were accessorized with beautiful leather.

The first half of the car ride was quiet. Like, painfully quiet. It was just awkward.
You couldn't handle the silence any longer, so you threw out an icebreaker.

"So... Alice... what do you like doing for fun?"
She groaned, just annoyed that she had to listen to your voice again.
"I Like Making Gacha Videos. :)"
"Oh, like those Japanese toy machines?"
Annoyed, she hits you yet again. "NO! It's Like Um a Computer Program I do on My Computer to Make Videos. I Have a Few Famous ones 'GACHA LIFE NSFW HOT $EX {13+}' U Might Have seen it it is Very Popular."
You think for a minute, the title does seem familiar. "Oh, yes! I have seen it... it was very beautiful. Brought a few tears to my eyes. I had no idea you made that..."
"OK" she said.

This was the start of your new life.

cum back 4 chapter 2 cumming out some day idk when i'll do it when i feel like it.
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