Hellion's Biography

Hellion's Biography

Im pretty sure this story is going to be in my profile , the only reason I made this is because I was bored

published on July 10, 20160 reads 0 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.
The Real me

The Real me

Well you read the title ,  it's about the one who uses the account....me .

My name is Nicole , but you can call me Nikki. Im Hispanic. I speak 4 languanges: English (Expert) , Spanish (Expert) , French (Average) , Japanese (Beginner). Im a 99% lefty at everything , 1% right is when Im using the mouse for the computer. Im a teen. Im a troublemaker (well sometimes) at my school , especially towards my teachers. I sometimes could me a tsundere , but I could be nice and kind , depends how you act towards me.

Each topics will be my chapters , not im not going to write a lot because im pretty sure you're a lazy ass to read chapters.
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