The Absurdities

This is my full absurd story! enjoy! Genres: Romance, Humour. I wrote this for my sister as a present. Ít's based on our RPs. :)

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Chapter 1.

The Palace Hotel

The Airport 17:59 PM (5:59 PM)

  Dave ran over to get his luggage as it came off the plane on the luggage carousel. He reached over to get the luggage but it wouldn't come off! He started spinning around with the luggage, while his friend Oscar stood and watched and rolled his eyes. He, of course being the organized one, already had his luggage.
  “Come on or we're going to be late." he said, annoyed. He reached over at one of Dave's flailing legs, tugged at it, and he finally fell off—with his luggage.
  "Uh, thanks."  He said, rubbing his head.
  "No prob."  Oscar said.

  They finally made it out of the airport, and Dave and Oscar met the guys in a bus a few weeks before the Olympics began. He had met all of them before and they were all meeting again after what felt like a century. Dave started chatting with the person next to him, like he always does. Turns out the person was Marcus, an old friend of his.
  "Marcy!" he cried. "You've grown!"
  "Seriously?" Marcus said. "More like you've grown! Look at those wrinkles! I thought your skin was flawless."
  Dave scoffed. "No such thing. Even Lance over there has a zit on his face."
  Lance let out a girly little squeak. "I do not!"
  "Deny all you please." Dave said, smiling evilly.
  Lance grumbled as he flopped back into his seat. "-Grumble-grumble-Dave...-grumble-attitude...-grumble-embarrassed...-grumble-"
  Dave smiled and turned back to Marcus, who was shaking his head. "Making enemies already and it's only been 10 minutes." he said.
  Dave nudged him. "Lance will get over it." he stared out the window. "I wonder how our hotel will look like. Remember, the last hotel we stayed at?"
  Marcus frowned. "Yup. They had a...? What was it called? That thing you hang from two trees and sleep on?"
  Dave tapped his chin. "A hammock?"
  "Yeah! That's it! A hammock! And then you rolled me up in it and by the time someone found me, I missed the cheesecake."
  Dave cringed. "Sorry." he really was, because for the rest of that day,       Marcus was grumpy and miserable--he loved cheesecake.  
   Julius the driver honked the horn "We're here!" he screeched. Everyone all covered our ears.
  Dave stuck his head out the window eagerly. The site nearly made him faint with delight.
  It was almost like a palace (in fact some people called it the Palace Hotel). It had 32 floors, for the 704 people staying there. They had two huge swimming pools, a huge football—soccer— field, coffee bar, regular bar (for all the people that like that kind of thing), garden, tennis court, a café, gardens, and a dance studio! It was the most beautiful place ever.
   Lance peered through the window at the building through his Police™ sunglasses. "Ooh. Fancy."
  Dave gulped and looked down at his baggy jeans and t-shirt, but he was relieved when he saw that everyone else was as casual as him.
  Dave hopped out of the bus, along with all his other friends.

  "This place is so fancy," Dave said to Oscar as he unpacked.
  “Yeah.” Oscar replied nodding. “Did you hear they have a spa?”
  “Seriously? Awesome!” Dave cried.
  Then, Lance poked his head in with his son, Little Dave.  Little Dave was 7, but he acted like he was 20 sometimes. Last time Dave saw him, he was a 3-year-old!
  “Hey, you bozos.” Little Dave said.
   Lance scowled at him. “Don’t call them bozos. That’s rude.”
  “But you say it.” Little Dave retorted.
  “I’m an adult.” Lance replied.
   “Phooey. Adults get to do anything!” Little Dave growled.
  “True, true.” Oscar said. “Good thing Julia is 4, too young to argue with me.”
  Julia is Oscar’s daughter. She’s a little angel, in Dave's opinion.
  “So, are you gonna be going to your daycare soon?” Dave asked Little Dave.
  “No. I’m staying home. All alone! Like an adult.”  He replied.
  Lance rolled his eyes, then bent down and said to Little Dave, “But if you stay home, you won’t see Jennette.”
  Little Dave’s eyes widened. “Not see Jennette?” he said.
  He hasn’t seen Jennette for 4 years, and she was his most favourite female person on earth. The idea of not seeing her horrified him!   Jennette ran the daycare in the hotel, where all the other famous kids who came along went when their parents were busy with famous stuff.
“Fine.” Little Dave said. “I’ll go! But just to see Jennette.”
  Lance smiled. “Great.” Then he turned to Dave. “Can you take him? I have to ask Oscar some parenting questions, and I don’t want to send Lil’ Dave off on his own.”
  Dave nodded. “Okay, see ya!” he left, then poked his head back in.    “Uh, what do I say to Jennette?”
  “Just let her know that I gave you permission to sign him in. I’ll pick him up later, though.” Lance said. Dave nodded and walked away.

Little did he know that the Absurdities had just begun.
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