Alexis and the Full Moon Goddess

Born a demi-god, Alex discovers who her true mother is Lunus. She and her boyfriend must make their way to save her mother from the evil she's up against. With the help of a troubled friend, Guardian, a true bastard at heart. (Author's Note: There will be curse words, constantly getting worse when Guardian enters the chapters, be warned that there will also be an Alexis and Jason scene later in the story. Don't read if you constantly bitch about swear words entering stories, and or smut. If you read, and there is a complaint in the comment section below, I won't hesitate to remind you that I left a warning for you not to read. Thank you, and enjoy reading.)

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Chapter 1

        “Alexis!” the name echoed in her dream, “ALEXIS!” again, it would constantly repeat. A strange figure would appear in front of her, she had short brown hair, weird blue colored eyes. She was tall and had a gorgeous smile similar to my own. She wore a blue fitted gown, similar to the shade of the night sky, but bright. She looked directly towards me with a generous face, she wanted to know me better, or so it seemed.
        “Who are you?” I asked her, as I examined her thoroughly learning more about the way she looked. She had two ear piercings, each ear, and her face was pale in color. She wasn’t human unless humans could look like her.
        “My name is Lunus, I am a goddess of the unknown lands, and you my child belong to me as my daughter.”
        “I’m not your child, I have no idea who the hell you are!” I shouted at her.
I jolted awake, mother standing next to me watching me vigorously when I stood up. “Another dream about that goddess girl named Lunus?”
        “Yeah, I don’t get how I keep dreaming about her I don’t even know her,” I stated, walking over to my closet grabbing the closest shirt I could grab. It was a beautiful shirt, I wore on my first date with Jason. He loved it, he also loved buying me jewelry and taking me places with his folks. “I keep telling her I don’t know her, but she insists that I’m her child.”
        “We’ll solve the problem eventually Alex, don’t worry.” Your backpack is downstairs, along with your sex machine.
        “Mom, he’s not my sex machine I’m still a virgin,” I replied slightly annoyed.
        “I give you two weeks.” She sprinted down the steps, I sprinted down after her and there he was. Wearing a black leather jacket, his blonde hair straightened except the curl in front of his eye. “I thought leather jackets were back when I was a teenager?”
        “How long ago was that Mrs. Night?” Jason replied chuckling at his bad joke.
        “Shut up Jason, we’re going to be late for school.” I quickly grabbed my bag that was sitting on the kitchen counter and walked out the door followed by Jason. Politely he opened the passenger door, then gently kissed my cheek. “Thank you, kind sir,” I said smirking, he chuckled then walked over to the driver side.
        “What’s the music for today?” he asked me, turning on the radio as soon as he started his new car.
        “Rock station, I need some AC/DC in my system.” He turned on the rock station 106.9, then backed out of my driveway. I had a slightly big house, it was blue and looked more like a large manor. We drove to Blankton Middle School and Highschool about 2 miles away from my house, we parked in our signature parking spot before heading inside where our friends sat waiting. Lyssa looked at me pissed off since she knew I didn’t tell her about what happened last night. Dathan sat on the table playing on his laptop his mother gave him for his 16th birthday. “Alright, Alexis spill about what happened last night.” Lyssa blurted.
        “I just fell asleep in class,” I replied
        “First time in what, forever?”
        “It’s not that big a deal.” I ignored everything after that until the first bell, in which I fell asleep again in Mr. Lesters Psychology lecture.
        “MISS NIGHT!” I woke up quickly and began to speed write what was on the board, he went back to teaching the class and I started thinking.

        “Mommy!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, running to her crying from a scraped knee. It was the day I fell off the motorcycle after climbing on top of it. It pissed her off knowing I did what I wasn't supposed to do, but how the hell did I know, I was only 4. I remembered seeing father later that day, he looked different than before. He had the same color eyes the woman did in my dream, then they changed back to a human color green.
“Alex, tell me you created the theory of psychoanalysis?”
        “Sigmund Freud,” I responded quickly, leaving the flashback.
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