The Hobbit Fanfic (Kiliel, Figrid, Thitina, BainArrow, etc)

The Hobbit Fanfic (Kiliel, Figrid, Thitina, BainArrow, etc)

I decided I wanted to write a fanfic since Thitina doesn't exist except in my head. Oh well. Maybe one day i'll put it on Watt pad or something. -_- This is entirely based on my Hobbit LARPs (Live Action Role-plays) I'd do with my sister.

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Synopsis for Fanfic

Synopsis for Fanfic

This is the story about how Thorin, Fili, and Kili lived. But it isn't all about that.
Ending up in the Mirkwood Healing Halls (yes, they have healing halls. Rivendell isn't the only place with one you know.) Thorin has to learn how to get along with his worst enemies...and enemy. He owes that elf his life, as much as he hates to admit it.
In the Healing Halls, along with all the elf-warriors that got injured in the battle (a constant reminder of what Thorin started), they recover.
Thorin ends up learning to respect Thranduil, and the two begin having a tentative respect thing.
Fili gets a bit lonely, but once Sigrid daughter of Bard starts coming to visit him, he isn't anymore.
Kili gets one of nurses to craft a message to Tauriel (who is about to throw herself off a cliff) telling her he's alive. She comes and they get reunited. <3
One night, Thorin goes to take a bath, but gets his bath very rudely interrupted by a she-elf (who just so happens to be Lítina, Legolas' cousin.) who steals his clothes. Thranduil makes his niece apologize to their special guest when he goes to his coronation afterwards.
After Thorin ends up getting into a fight with Thranduil, shortly after he finishes recovering, the three decide to leave a bit earlier. The two make up just before he leaves.
Lítina doesn't know that much about dwarves. she never got to see their special guests in the healing halls and didn't know that her poor victim of embarrassment even was a dwarf!  (Terebith  asked her if she saw anything, and she said "no" .) All she's seen of dwarves are tapestries, with them portrayed as ugly little things. to her that's all she needed to know, so when she is forced to go and apologize to the Dwarf King, she dreads every second. She thinks he's going to be ugly. But she was in shock when she walked in and saw a total diva sitting on the throne! Let me just say her apologizing wasn't a pleasant experience--for both parties.
Lítina doesn't like authority. Not at all. She rebels all the time against her uncle and gets into trouble a lot. Her best friend Terebith sometimes helps. But she is coming to an age where she must get married, even if she's a bit queer, so her Uncle calls the matchmaker. The matchmaker basically tells her she is a hopeless case and no he-elf in the right mind will ever marry her. Discouraged by this, she interrupts that bath.
But by now, her Uncle has had nearly enough of her, and what happens next isn't all that surprising...

He sends her to stay with the Dwarves. In Erebor. For one month. Basically, like a boot-camp for respect and obedience to authority. Now, normally Lítina would be just a little ticked off that she has to stay with a bunch of dwarves, but when he tells her in Erebor about it, she isnt just ticked off, she's flippin' out!!! She doesn't want to stay there under the authority of this gorgeous guy whom she interrupted his almost peaceful bath. Talk about embarrassing!! But she ends up doing it, and actually having a great time once the initial awkwardness faded away.

Now this is all you need to know, because I want the rest to be a surprise.
There's a lot of KilixTauriel in it (mainly them making out), and Fili x Sigrid. There's also a little bit of bain x black arrow.
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